As Seen in the Sedona Journal of Emergence

Karinna Nielsen and Mother Ulura

We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves.
~ Dalai Lama XIV

I recently wrote about holding onto old memories from the past and how it can keep us focused in the third-dimension, slowing down our evolutionary growth. I became aware of this again the other day when a friend of mine was feeling hurt about things that had happened years ago, directing anger at another friend, and shutting her out without explaining why.

I wanted to get a better understanding of this particular situation and the effect that negative thoughts have on all of us, so I went into mediation. Suddenly, I felt my awareness raised up above the Earth plane. Again, I could sense an energetic weave of consciousness surrounding the planet. In a flash of awareness, I was guided to witness how our thoughts, words and actions feed into and affect the collective consciousness surrounding Mother Earth.


What are We Feeding into the Weave of Life?

As I sent my awareness into the weave, I had the feeling of being connected to all living things and to Mother Earth as well. I understood the power of each and every thought that we have to create more fear and anger or to raise the vibration of the weave by creating more loving thoughts. Mother Ulura has reminded us about the creative power of our thoughts, and I really felt it in that meditation [Channel Your Gift into This World].

TheWeaveOfConsciousness 300When I focused on my friend’s words, I could see anger entering this weave of collective consciousness and adding to its density. Then I could sense the hurt that my other friend felt when the anger reached its intended destination, and I felt reverberate throughout the entire weave of all living things. In that vision, I became much more aware of my own responsibility for everything that I think, do and say, because it affects everyone and everything.

As I watched the weave, I could also see positive thoughts entering. As they became part of the weave, the density seemed to come apart in places where fear was giving way to love. In these places, it felt as though Mother Earth was being liberated from a restrictive net of negative thoughts surrounding her. I was amazed at how much just sending light into the weave allows her to breathe!

It was clear to me how essential it is for each of us to come from our hearts and align our thoughts in a positive way. I understood at a new level the impact of spiritualists sending light, love and prayers to raise the frequency and to in-lighten the third-dimensional weave around the planet, but how can we do it if we are holding onto anger from the past?


Allowing Someone Else to Change

One aspect of this is seeing other people in our minds the way they were five, ten years ago—or longer—and not allowing them to change. What if the person has already RememberingInLovemoved on, and it is only my thoughts that are holding her in that old space? Perhaps I can’t see that because my focus is still back there, angry about something that no longer exists. What if I allowed her to change, to be who she is now, and in that way, released myself from the past?

It really is my choice what I focus on and how I remember the past. I can choose to look back in love or I can perpetuate old hurts long enough to create dis-ease within myself or even add my negative energy to global conflicts. Why not stop playing the old record over and over again? Why not choose Love? Choosing to look back in love elevates our awareness and puts anger about past events into a healing perspective.

Bringing our Focus to the Present

To tell you the truth, I’ve dealt with this myself, and for me, the lightest way has been to keep letting go of the past and focus on my own journey in the now. Because how can I move forward in my life if I can’t accept where I am now? We all have our challenges, but continuing to focus anger on past events won’t bring us any resolution in the now.

What works for me is being conscious of my intention and my thoughts to be centered in the moment. Regular, daily meditations are essential to slow down, breathe and feel balanced in the love that is surrounding me. It’s an opportunity to ask myself, is it really worth it to harbor negative or limiting thoughts? For when I go into my heart, I know that the past can only be changed by how I feel about it.


Wisdom from Mother Ulura

After my meditation experience, Mother Ulura offered her guidance.

The best way to look at anything is through the eyes of love. In your meditation, you have seen that another person’s anger affects all sentient beings connected to the weave surrounding Mother Earth. It is a lesson plan for many in your world who do not believe that people can change, because they themselves are not willing to change. It is as if holding another person in the past, will make it so that they won’t have to move forward and heal their own journey.

EarthInLove 300What is the nature of healing at this point in the great shift? As evolutionary lights of Creation, you are all on journeys of mastery. This is the process of mastering your mind and its third-dimensional focus on the yin-yang. For example, how can the past be good when it was bad or caused you pain? The pain continues until you let it go and understand that everything you experience is meant to benefit your healing and evolutionary growth.


Shifting the Frequency of the Planet

The next dimensional focus is here. Will you weave into it or hold onto what is past? The kind of hate or anger that you witnessed is not possible in the 4th Light. The realms of guidance are surrounding you now so that you can find a higher awareness and fly. Do things differently. Be open to new thoughts, new ideas; watch as new opportunities come before you and embrace them in love.

Just imagine how powerful it is when you go into your heart and shift your perception of the world by changing your thoughts from fear into love. For, as you have seen, the thoughts of each individual on the planet are part of a collective weave of all light. The frequency of this weave can be shifted by a critical mass of minds that are focused in love. As you feel your heart guiding your mind, you’ll be more conscious of the power of your own energies as an integral part of the weave.

What does it take to shift this planet into this new, higher frequency of awareness? Compassionate, loving thoughts that feed into the collective mind of humanity. Because when you have kind, loving thoughts for one another—for everyone, people you have felt anger toward or those you don’t even know—the veils will be lifted, and you’ll see the Truth of who you are: individuated thoughts of a loving Creator Force on interwoven journeys of experience—One Light of Love.

In the humble Love of the Goddess Light,

Mother Ulura


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Karinna Nielsen is a spiritual channel and purveyor of ancient Lemurian wisdom. She is passionate about guiding others to explore their own unique talents and gifts through the wisdom and practices of the ancient Lemurians. 

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