As seen in the Sedona Journal of Emergence

Mother Ulura through Karinna Nielsen

Many of you are having a greater feeling of the new dimensional energies approaching your world. I can tell you that spirit guidance from all realms is literally surrounding you now, holding the light for your Great Shift and waiting for you to open the door, to pray, to meditate and to listen for the answers to your passionate calls of “What is happening in our world?”

 The Great Shift in Lemuria and Now

Forty to fifty thousand years ago, the Lemurians went through many of the same energies you are experiencing now. In their great shift, third-dimensional forces of the yin-yang energies were doing their best to hold on to material wealth, personal power and control. Fear ran rampant, yet, the collective consciousness of the lightworkers tipped the balance toward ascension in love, healing and harmony with Mother Earth.

As the new dimensional energies take a firmer hold on the Earth plane for you now, I ask you, the lightworkers of today, to hold your love strongly. For even though the energy of the next dimension is actually all around you now, you will need to go into your hearts to access it. You will need to breathe, to meditate and to focus on peace, harmony and love for one another.

Stay Centered and in Balance

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You will be challenged. Do your best to listen to others from a space of love and understanding, knowing that each person on the planet will be working through aspects of their blueprints to raise their vibration and to feel more love.

Stay centered and in balance as much as you can even when faced with fear, anger and animosity. When one steps up and espouses ways of hatred and tries to shut others off from uniting in love, this will be met with a growing collective conscious that looks upon this as ancient behavior.

The old ways are rapidly fading and any “last stand” of the third dimension will be met with waves of love that it cannot surmount. More and more of you will be motivated to release the fear and to come into a space of love for all.

It is this continued awakening of the Goddess light within the hearts of all on people on Earth—male or female—that will assist you in bringing forth a new dimensional focus. For there is a groundswell of this collective force of love seeking to be felt whether it is in gatherings supporting the most vulnerable in your societies or women in the public sphere who are relentlessly bringing forth the truth from their hearts and their own unique expression of the Goddess Light.

Channeling Your Special Gift

I’d like you to consider for a moment the power of channeling to bring through the wisdom within you that will move your world into and through a great shift in consciousness. This is an ability that all have though only a few will choose to consciously nurture this gift.

Each of you has the potential to channel love in your own unique way. This was a key aspect of Lemuria’s great shift, for the Lemurians became less and less afraid to express the truth of love, and they began to channel their guidance by bringing forth unique aspects of who they were in art, public speaking, spiritual ceremonies, and in whatever way they were motivated in love

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My guidance for each of you is to nurture your ability to channel in your own unique way: through painting, music, poetry, the healing arts, in service to others, or through sharing the messages of love that this world so dearly needs to know now. Find a balance of love in your heart and channel your great gift into this world, whatever you sense it to be.

Sharing Your Love with This World

Though every one of you has this potential, you might be thinking, “Well, I’m not a channel person. What could my gift of channeling possibly be?” The answer is there if you will simply listen. Quiet your world. There are myriad sources of third-dimensional information streaming at you every day. Turn them off. Become silent and listen to your heart. Go within for the answers to find your gift of love to channel into this world.

As you begin to quiet your world, your love for self becomes a greater focus by accepting and loving yourself as you are this very moment. Now how can you nurture yourself more and more so you can discover and uniquely express your true gift into this world? Take a few moments each day to meditate and feel the loving guidance coming through. This opens a portal of understanding for you to feel the love of who you are.

There is an illusion of separation between the spirit world and the physical world, yet there is truly only One Light. The more you become aware of this Oneness of All Light the more you will relax and feel yourself guided in love for every moment of your journey. And, believe me, your higher self will be gratefully participating in your development of greater self-love by placing the steps before your and lighting your path.

Your Goddess light is the love that you feel within yourself as you do what needs to be done. It is the humble love for self that guides you to breathe, to meditate regularly and to nurture yourself in love. You may feel as though you are being held in the arms of a nurturing energy that loves you unconditionally. With this love supporting you, you feel the focus you need to channel more love into your world.

Focus Relentlessly on Love

ChannelYourGift KarinnaNielsenAs you move further into this great shift, portals of awareness are opening around the world. People are connecting and creating their own communities that espouse love, healing and understanding. In many cases, this is through social groups and spiritual gatherings that unite the people of Earth to ascend to the next dimensional focus.

A third-dimensional world that has been entrenched and in existence for so long on your planet will not let go easily. Please recognize the need for you to hold your love strongly. Define your practices and your beliefs. What do you do each and every day to nurture your connection to your spiritual self? You are ascending and your relentless focus on love will assist you in understanding the energies as they play out in the now.

The Power of Thought in the New Dimension

Be very slow to judge what is happening in your world. Remain centered and stay in love. For each of you incarnate on Earth at this momentous time, will be completing various aspects of your blueprints in anticipation of moving into a new, higher vibrational world of love, light and possibilities to manifest your visions and thoughts instantaneously.

This brings us to an important point. As the Earth receives rising waves of incoming light, be conscious of your thoughts. You may have heard, “Watch what you say because your words have power,” and this is truth. Yet this is also now important: Be aware of what you think, and know that the fourth dimension has a powerful vibration of thought manifestation. Have your visions and intentions clear. Avoid aimless rambling in your mind or you may find yourself mired in chaos and confusion. Be purposeful in your intent. Meditate each day to receive guidance on your clarity and focus.

The Love to Help Us through Shifting Times

RedRoseGoddessLight 300The Goddess Light awakens expressly during times of great shifts in consciousness to create a new balance of love in the midst of what appears to be chaos, yet in reality, it is the new dimension beginning to take hold. This is why it is so important for each of you to feel the balanced love of the Goddess Light within you. Discover it deep within your heart and know that it is always there for you.

Listen to me, please, because this is key: Love creates more love. Balance creates more balance. Breathe and feel this loving balance flowing throughout your entire body. Feel it expanding and embracing you in love as you walk through your day. Let your Goddess Light emanate out to those around you. This is the love that you have within to help you though times such as these.

In love and humble Goddess Light, I am

Mother Ulura



©2017 Karinna Nielsen

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Karinna Nielsen is a spiritual channel and purveyor of ancient Lemurian wisdom. She is passionate about guiding others to explore their own unique talents and gifts through the exploration of the wisdom and practices of the ancient Lemurians. 

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