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A note from Karinna: The year 2017 has the energy of “1” (2+0+1+7=10=1). In the Lemurian Numerology, the number 1 represents Creation. One years are times when the creative energy is high and something new is ready to begin. They are times to feel the power of creation within and to embrace new beginnings in love.

Mother Ulura through Karinna Nielsen

As we begin, I’ll offer a word about predictions. Because there is free will in the human world, you always have a choice as to how you would like your reality to be. In a third-dimensional reality such as you have on this planet, there is the experience of the yin-yang—the feeling that when you’ve chosen something good, you can expect the balance and await something bad, or vice versa.

What do you choose to experience at this time of the great shift in consciousness? It really is your choice. What if, dear ones, you chose to raise your vibration to a level beyond the yin and yang? What if your neighbor, your friends or your family did this as well? What if by doing so, you could create a collective rise in the frequency on the planet?

Through your choices, you are determining the kind of reality you live in every day. Your choices can create a higher light outcome for just about anything on your planet. Predictions, yes, we will talk about those, yet remember that you always have a choice in how you respond to the changes in your world.


2017: Create Your Reality


I’d like to call this Year of Creation (2017), a year of Goddess Light, for Goddess is the Love of Creation found within everyone—male or female. The creative energy of this year begins with you, my loving lights. Are you ready? Every one of you plays an important part in creating a new reality on planet Earth. Mother Earth is ready. I’ve told you this, and I’ve also said that each of your light and love play important roles in this creation.

Your world is unfolding personally and collectively, for there is no difference. You are all connected, all one light of love. My channel, Karinna, can give you readings and healing sessions and guide you to working with your blueprint. Yet your blueprint is a reflection of what you intend to create in this lifetime, and she knows that you have free will to choose your own path. Now, what do you choose?


A Better World Begins With You

If you are searching for a better world, please know that it begins with you. Are your choices made in the highest light of love? When you feel anger or frustration rise within you, do you take some deep breaths to center yourself? Do you meditate daily (or more often) to find the peace and the balance within you? Focus your energies on what you’d like to create.


Remember that love is the fuel and the force of evolution. When your love expands and flows, you move rapidly through the levels of healing in your blueprint. If you strive to be one with your higher light in every moment, your life will unfold in a harmonic symphony of perfection. Let yourself be thrilled and amazed as you allow the flow of love to take you to where you very soon will be.

One thing is certain: Your world is ascending to a higher dimensional focus, and you are going to experience a great shift. The Goddess Light is awakening in the hearts of the lightworkers, the major energetic ties of the third-dimensional matrix to your planet have been released, and the portals are now open to the new dimensions. There’s no going back on that; you are well within the process now. I encourage you not to dwell in the past. Stay in the now, and keep moving forward in love. You may have heard this before, but next year it will be all-important for you to heed this guidance. So, let us speak about the energies of this new year.


New Discoveries Lead to Expanded Consciousness

In 2017, your scientists will discover a new outer planet orbiting your Sun that will expand your conceptual awareness of this solar system and your place in it. Because its orbit is so large, you have, of course, never seen it before, but in this new year, you will be able to see it and more with the new technology. What does this mean for the entire perspective of who you are and how you fit into the grand scheme of things? That will be one of the unfolding journeys in 2017.

Saturn Neptune 300aWith these new discoveries, you will have opportunities to expand your awareness, shift your perspective on what you think you know, and seek answers to questions that you previously wouldn’t have thought to ask. It’s a time for you to understand that you are not alone, as many on Earth have chosen to believe. You are surrounded in loving light by beings from all realms, dimensions and planetary systems, all of whom are focused on your planet’s ascension into a new level of light.

In this light, channeled wisdom from the realms of guidance will become more and more mainstream coming years. There will be many more spiritual voices speaking to you through channels, and they will guide you to awaken and to understand your role in the creation of a new awareness of love on your planet. Many people will begin to question their worlds, and they will seek the answers through channels, for asking questions is really the first step to understanding what you already know within your heart.

Also focused with you for your ascension at ever-increasing levels is the energy of your higher selves. In 2017, spiritualists will feel the presence of their higher selves’ guidance, and more people will awaken and choose to connect to their higher consciousness and to each other. This is the hope for humanity. This is the way you will shift into a new collective awareness of love.

Along these lines, there will also be a collective rise in the frequency of the heart energy on the planet. People will begin to look at one another and say, “We’re really more alike than we are different.” This will generate a surge of love through humanity, and it will begin with the children.

Children are now being born on your planet who will literally be your salvation. They are here to teach you, and they are here to raise the collective vibration of your world. Each one is a gift of Creation to this planet and is coming with a message of love. They are going to look at the way things are and see new possibilities of relating and creating. Treasure each one, for they are incarnate masters begin born on your world.


Powerful Earth ChangesLemurianGoddessWeave DallasNagataWhite 300

Twenty-seventeen will be a year more powerful than you’ve seen in a long time, and by that, I mean your relationship with Mother Earth will change. Because Earth changes will become so powerful, people must pay attention to the destruction of the environment. The greatest news in this arena is that the solutions will be there, and the most innovative ones will come from young people. Look to the young ones who come without their elders’ preconceived notions that challenges must be met in the same old way. They will consider your problems and say, “Why don’t we try this?” Through their fresh perspectives, new possibilities for handling long-standing challenges will arise. The very way you see your relationship with Mother Earth and the feeling of responsibility for your planet will shift.


A Meditation through the Portals

For those of you who are ready to take your awareness of love to new levels in 2017, you will have access to a system of portals to travel to and from the higher dimensions. This portal system is open now. In your meditations, release the thoughts of the third-dimensional world, thoughts that pull you out of the now and into the future or the past. Center in the now, and just be, and you will have opportunities to access these portals.

PillarOfLight 300

Go with me now. Take some deep breaths through your crown chakra and down into your heart space. Focus on your breathing. Feel yourself fully present in the moment. Release thoughts of yesterday or tomorrow, and just be here now. You might feel as if you are floating in the moment. Breathe, and feel a freedom from your physical body, as though you are floating yet still hovering above your body.

At this point, look for an opening, a pillar of light, or a wavering formation of colors. However you may see it, honor this connection to your spirt self. Feel your loving oneness with this light, the higher self of who you are. Feel your heart expand, and follow this light into a broader awareness, a higher frequency of love.

What do you feel here? Are you with other beings? Is there another environment that you sense? Continue breathing, and when you are ready, allow your higher self to guide you back slowly. Feel yourself being gradually drawn back into your physical body, and return to where you began.


My lights of love, meditation is key to your evolutionary journey. It is essential that you integrate this practice into your day, for it is the way you will experience the new dimensional focus that is available to your Earth plane now. Let meditation be your salvation from a world that is seemingly becoming more hectic and chaotic. Let your Goddess Light, the love of who you are, guide you to carry the feeling of your meditations into and throughout your day.

* * * * *

My dear ones, feel the love for yourself and for others, and throughout this new year, please remember that your love makes a difference in the new reality unfolding in your world.

In love and humble Goddess Light, I am

Mother Ulura 



This article also was published in the November/December 2016 "Predictions" issue of the Sedona Journal of Emergence!

©2016 Karinna Nielsen

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