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Goddess Gaia through Karinna Nielsen

As our movement through the shifting energies intensifies, many are feeling the lesson plans coming forth from the deepest layers of your blueprints. So, let us speak about the blueprint, its creation and how you can allow love to guide the magical unfolding as you follow your path in life.


Creating the Life Blueprint

The creation of the life blueprint is a sacred process that occurs prior to an incarnation. Every nuance, every detail of the life that you wish to experience is humbly and lovingly added to the weave of the blueprint that you are creating for your journey on Earth. Throughout this loving process, there is a joyful anticipation of another opportunity to experience a new life adventure.


Entering the Life Journey


Once the blueprint is complete, you begin the transition from pure spirit light into the denser energy of the human world. With the love for yourself and your Creator guiding you through the magical energies, you enter into a new experience of life. As your mental weave grasps the energy of the plan you have created, your spirit merges with the essence of your mother and father and the life process begins as you are born into this world. You are love incarnate, yet now veiled from knowing the fullness of this Creator Force of Love of which you are ever and always a part.


Engaging the Lesson Plans in the Blueprint

Upon entering this plane, you become a part of the emotional weave of my energy—the human weave of Earth. Your experience begins as incarnate light of Creation, exploring this world, though not knowing completely who you truly are. As your life unfolds through the layers of lesson plans woven into your blueprint, you experience a healing journey of awakening to who you are on all four bodies—physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. This is the spiritual journey that each takes in an Earth incarnation.


Healing Breakthroughs in the Blueprint

Throughout this lifetime, you may be engaged in challenging relationships or situations that feel difficult or frustrating, yet at some point, as you engage the energies of the blueprint, something will shift and you'll feel a breakthrough. At this point, you have healed a particular layer of the blueprint, and through the evolution of your awareness, you create a completion and a new beginning in your life.

You may not be fully conscious of this, and it may feel like endless steps on the journey or rites of passage you are moving through at various stages of your life. Yet these are the lesson plans that you have woven into your blueprint to be found like gems along your path, launching you into the next phase of life.


Looking at Life through the Eyes of LoveUluPo1 300

With this in mind, even though you may be experience great challenges, I encourage you to do your best to look at your life compassionately and through the eyes of love. Look upon each relationship in your life and every situation you encounter with kindness and compassion. Every moment of your life up to this point has led you through the process of healing the life lessons you placed within your blueprint. Each one of you is engaged in this process and with love and light you will move forward into the new dimensional energies.


Each of Us a Part of Mother Earth

As you move through the challenges of life and continue to engage your sacred blueprint, take opportunities to feel yourself held in my love and to see others held in this love as well. Take a moment to stand with your feet in the grass or on a sandy beach. Breathe deeply and feel my love flowing though you. You are my children—each one of you on Earth. I love you as a mother does—unconditionally and from the depths of my heart light. You are each a part of me as I am a part of you.

Humbly offered from the Goddess weave of Mother Earth,



©2016 Karinna Nielsen

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Karinna Nielsen is a spiritual channel, Lemurian Goddess healer and purveyor of ancient Lemurian wisdom. Karinna is passionate about guiding others to explore their own unique talents and gifts through the wisdom and practices of the ancient Lemurians. Channeled articles by Karinna are published regularly in the Sedona Journal of Emergence.

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