As seen in the October 2016 issue of the Sedona Journal of Emergence!

Mother Ulura through Karinna Nielsen

Many from the realms of guidance, including my own energies, have already shared that you are in a time of great transition. The Goddess light is awakening within the hearts of the lightworkers, many are remembering their Lemurian lifetimes, and ascension to a new awareness of love is at hand. You have heard all of this, and it is truth that you have come to a time of completion and a new beginning.

This very year of 2016 taken in the Lemurian numerology is a 9 energy, signifying completions and new beginnings. Yet, I feel it is important you also understand that this shift from one dimension to the next will not occur with a big bang or a sudden movement. As it was in Lemurian times, it is an evolutionary process for everyone, and you are well-within this process in the now.


Traveling the Portals between the Dimensions

In this phase of the ascension, you may feel as though you are simultaneously living in two dimensions—on two levels of awareness—moving back and forth to assist Mother Earth other and yourself in the process. You may do this in your sleep state or in meditation and actually have remnant memories of what has taken place. On a deeper level, in your heart, you know that you are in-service to Mother Earth and humanity in the great shift.

GreenOrchids 2016 300Consider your life on the path of ascension. In your daily life, you have your job, your family—who may or may not be aligned to spiritual practices—and you have your tasks that take you out shopping to various businesses, and so forth. Then you have the times when you enter a portal to the next dimension, do you not? As a spiritualist on the path of evolution, there are places that simply feel good. Perhaps you meditate in a quiet space, you attend spiritual gatherings, or you sleep deeply as your spirit light leaves this plane while you are sleeping.

These are the portals, my loving lights. They are ways to travel between the dimensions, and, for the time being, you may need to live in two worlds—the mundane world of the third-dimension and that of the new dimension, a higher-vibrational energy of love that is becoming more and more prevalent on your Earth plane. Oh, yes, I did say “more prevalent.” You may hear otherwise, yet please search your heart for the truth—your truth. What you know and not what someone else is telling you to believe.


The Process of Ascension: No Mystery

So, this great shift in consciousness and the process of ascension is not going to be something mysterious. It is really about being fully-present with your journey in the now, working through the deepest layers of your blueprint and trusting that the next step will be there for you. It is a journey of healing for everyone on this planet as you awaken to the love within your hearts and create a weave of peace, balance and unity to surround your planet in love.

This may bring up questions for you, and I will answer them now.


Recognizing Powerful Healing OpportunitiesBenchKailuaBeach 300

Q: I have several family members who have had cancer. Some have died from it and others are still working through their healing of it. Can you please speak on how diseases such as cancer serve us in our evolutionary journeys?

My love, my light, in your world there are many ways for you to feel the love of your Creator. Within the beauty of the blueprint that you put together prior to incarnating, there are a multitude of healing possibilities. Some will involve what you call diseases such as cancer that create enormously powerful healing opportunities for the ones who have the disease as well as for those surrounding them. Every soul light on the Earth plane is on a healing journey, and that can mean anything from healing cancer to healing your relationships to learning to listen more deeply to your heart’s guidance.

As a healing journey unfolds—whether it creates a way out of the third-dimensional experience or it elevates the vibrations of all concerned to new levels—it will create opportunities to move through the life-lessons of the blueprint. In this journey, everything is important: a hand that you hold, a smile to another, a prayer that you send. When you follow the guidance from your heart, the healing occurs on all levels and moves you through your blueprint to the highest levels of love.

My love, stay present. Be in love with your life as it is now in order to feel your way through your own personal healing journey. You will feel the guidance as you listen to your heart for the next step.


Focus on the Light

Q: What can we do when we find ourselves in a dark space in life?

This is a good question, and I thank you for it, for many others may be feeling this way.

FollowTheLight JustinLuebke Unsplash2 300Let’s consider the practice of meditation and how it can help you to in-lighten your life. Daily meditation is a way of centering your energy in love and shifting to a higher vibrational focus. It becomes the sanctuary that serves you anywhere, anytime, and it can be as simple as closing your eyes and taking several deep breaths.

Would you join me for a moment in a meditation? Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Breathe in through your nose, and as you do, draw the pranic light though your crown chakra and through the pineal gland in the center of your head. Draw the light down into your heart chakra, and breathe out through your mouth. Take some deep breaths this way.

Imagine that you are in a cave with darkness surrounding you. A cave has an opening that is considered both the entrance and the exit. As you become quiet and open your perception, you will note that even though it seems completely dark, somewhere you will see the light of the opening to the cave in the distance.

Focus on the light, however dim it may seem. Let yourself be drawn to it. Follow the light even when the darkness seems to prevail. Soon you will feel your energy shifting. You’ll feel lighter, and as you continue to follow the light, it becomes larger and turns into a shaft of light. Feel the love surrounding you. This is the light of your higher truth essence, your direct connection to the Light of Creation. Follow the light with all your heart. Trust that there is a light in the darkness and keep moving forward in love.


Discovering the Gems on Your PathGemsOnThePathOfLife

Q: Sometimes I feel frustrated and angry that my life is not what I’d like it to be. It seems that I am blocked every time that I want to break free into another journey. What can I do to move my life out of this space?

Every person on this planet has a role to play in the great shift. Many of you are feeling your Lemurian Goddess light and striving to awaken to your part in this process.

I ask you to take a moment with me now. Close your eyes and breathe deeply as we did in our previous meditation. Now imagine your life. Can you see your life in love just as it is in this moment? I pray that you can, for this is your journey. This is where you are in the now, and it is a splendid creation of your healing, your thoughts and your desires.

See yourself walking along the shore or in a beautiful forest in the mountains, and feel yourself surrounded in love and light. Now, look down at your feet and notice something right before you that is shiny and interesting. Pick it up and examine it. It’s a gem in your path, a precious element of your journey that you have placed in your blueprint for just this moment. Love it and listen to the message that it brings to you.

Now return to your space of life in the now. Do you see that your life is a precious gift of Creation with many, many gems along the path? Examine each one for the great gifts of wisdom they hold for you. Meditate and weave light strands into your journey, and you will focus on the gems in your path and know the great gifts that they hold for you. Do your best not to be drawn into fear or anger. Be fully present with your life and trust that the next step is there.


LoveInEvolution 300Your Energy is Plays an Important Role

My dear ones, there is more to this world than what meets the third-dimensional eye, so to speak. There are legions of angels, guides, guardians and Goddess lights that are focused with you now. As the third-dimensional energy begins to wane and the shifting process reaches its full flavor, it is an important time for lightworkers to hold their lights strongly so that the remaining pockets of fear can be in-lightened.

Tune into your hearts and feel the love. Send love and light to Mother Earth and everyone upon her as a critical mass of lightworkers is achieved. Love is the force that fuels the flow of evolution, and your energy is an important part of the evolutionary cycle of completions and new beginnings.

And so it is humbly, in love,

Mother Ulura


This article also was published in the October 2016 issue of the Sedona Journal of Emergence!

©2016 Karinna Nielsen

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Karinna Nielsen is a spiritual channel and purveyor of ancient Lemurian wisdom. She is passionate about guiding others to explore their own unique talents and gifts through the wisdom and practices of the ancient Lemurians. 

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