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Mother Ulura through Karinna Nielsen

The Goddess Light is the energy of love that heralds a great shift in consciousness. It awakens within the hearts of the people of an evolutionary planet such as yours to know it is time to move to the next level of awareness. Yet, how does that unfold? How do incarnate Goddesses participate in this evolutionary process? And what, you might ask, is your role in the Goddess Light for the Great Shift? [Photo: Harald Hoyer via WikimediaCommons.]


Balance in the Goddess Light

When the frequency of an evolving planet rises to the point that a shift into a new dimensional focus is possible, the Guardians of evolution begin working with the Goddess Light. This is not something that happens every day. In fact, your planet is aligned to a 26,000-year cycle, and your planet is ready to shift dimensions again.

A key element of the shifting process is finding balance. For those not spiritually aware or tuned into evolutionary practices such as meditation, the rising vibration of the Earth plane may create disconcerted feelings of disheveled energy. Yet, while many are focused on what appears to be chaos, the Goddess light brings the balance of unconditional love to release the yin-yang experience so a higher frequency of balance can take hold. In your world today, the third-dimensional energies are waning and a new vibration of balance is being created all around you.

Haleakala 300Lemurian Goddess Lights Returning

This particular great shift harkens back to 40,000-50,000 years ago when the energy of the Goddess Light assisted in the “de-evolution” of Lemuria, and for this reason, many of you feel called to be in spiritual service at this time. You may very well be a Goddess light—female or male—who was in service at the end times of Lemuria to reduce the prevailing energies from the fifth dimension to the third. And now here you are involved in an evolutionary process that will allow a higher dimensional awareness to prevail on Earth again.

A Love Rarely Found on Earth

How would you know that you are an awakening Goddess and how might it feel for incarnate Goddesses in service in this great shift? For many, it can feel extremely arduous to be incarnate in a third-dimensional world. You may not feel like you belong on Earth, because it is uncommon for the unconditional love of the Goddess Light to be incarnate and awakening on a dimensional plane such as yours. You may feel frustrated or even angry because you are searching for a level of love that is rarely found on Earth. Yet there is a great love within you, and you will discover this as you awaken to your own Goddess light. It is a glorious phenomenon, this Goddess light awakening.

Awakening the Lemurian Goddess Light Within YouPurple Rose1 ByJonBragg

The awakening to your Goddess light will be perfectly timed, and until you choose to awaken, you will “hide” in your third-dimensional journey, immersed in the depths of the human experience. You have a life blueprint to live through just like anyone else doing a human journey. You select your parents and align your blueprint to place you in optimal places and situations for healing and for your service to creation.

When the Earth’s vibration and your own life journey has reached a certain point, things in your life begin to shift. As you awaken to your Goddess light, you see yourself and your life with greater love and understanding. You open your heart to attract more love to you with the intention of surrounding yourself in love. In this way, you lift your experience above the illusory world of the third dimension. [Photo: Jon Bragg via WikimediaCommons]

The Colors of the Lemurian Goddess weave

As you awaken, you may find yourself discovering your Goddess color and your responsibility or kuleana in the weave of the Goddess Light. The Goddess colors are the foundation of the Goddess Light in evolutionary motion in a great shift in consciousness. For this particular shift there is a weave of seven transitional colors. Each Goddess in service will resonate to one of these colors and the responsibility associated with the color.

You may have other colors you are working with in this lifetime, yet your Goddess color will be the one that is the reflection of the Creator’s Love. It will activate within you a knowing of your purpose and reason for being here at this time. It connects you into the weave of all Goddess Light which is multi-faceted and multi-dimensional. In essence, it connects you to All That Is.

What a glorious thing it is to discover which of the seven transitional colors of the Lemurian Goddess weave you are working with for this great shift! And how beautiful it is to see the weaves of colors coming together in love for Mother Earth.

GoddessWeave 300Goddess Weaves of Light

Now, I feel it is important to explain that a gathering of Goddesses is called a weave. Think of a beautiful scarf or cloth in which you can see the intricate mingling of the strands of threads, the colors intertwining and supporting the actual fabric of the garment. This is the essence of the Goddess Light. Goddesses gathered together with loving intent will begin an energetic weave of their colors to create balance and harmony. I pray you can envision this.

Goddesses gathering in weaves, such as in spiritual circles, meditation or prayer groups, is an important aspect of the awakening. Many of you will have already experienced this. You may gather regularly with a group of friends to do meditation or spiritual studies, and at some point, you may feel the call to awaken to a higher level of your love and explore your collective energy by activating your colors in a beautiful weave of light. When you are all committed to personal and collective evolutionary growth and share clear, loving intentions, your colors will come together so that you may collectively experience the Goddess Light incarnate. [Photo: Julie Edgley via WikimediaCommons]

Discovering your Color in the Weave

Now, you may be asking yourself, “How can I discover my Goddess color and my responsibility in the weave?” The answer is that you will know it in your heart. In the Goddess Light, your knowing is all-important, because it connects you to your Truth—the feeling in your heart that simply knows. You may have experienced times in your life when other people have tried to tell you what the truth was and how you should believe. This heartfelt knowing goes beyond what anyone else tells you as you check into your heart to see what is true for you.

Working with Your Goddess ColorOpening Night Rose2 300

So when it comes to your Goddess color, you will know. My channel, Karinna, has guided many in Lemurian Goddess readings to discover and to activate their Goddess color, but she will not tell you what it is; she allows you to explore the colors and then you tell her what you feel. And you may not come up with just one color. You may be working with various colors before you settle into the color that you came here to experience for this great shift. The importance of a Goddess knowing and working with her color cannot be overstated. Working with your color can help you to develop greater levels of compassion for yourself and others. In times of self-doubt, your Goddess color will guide in honoring yourself and to being a supportive part of the weave of Goddess Light. [Photo: In Twilight via WikiCommons]

Weaving Together in Love

As you continue to move more deeply into the energies of the Great Shift, I pray that you feel your Goddess light awakening, as well as the spiritual support for your journey at this time. This is now a time of the Goddesses weaving together in love with a focus on evolution for your world and for everyone on Mother Earth. It is time to heal, to release the fears and to evolve in love.

May you be infinitively blessed in the humble Love of the Goddess Light,

Mother Ulura


©Karinna Nielsen

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Karinna Nielsen is a spiritual channel and purveyor of ancient Lemurian wisdom. She is passionate about guiding others to explore their own unique talents and gifts through the wisdom and practices of the ancient Lemurians. 

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