As seen in the July 2016 issue of the Sedona Journal of Emergence!

Mother Ulura through Karinna Nielsen

The Energy of the Fourth Dimension is taking hold

In love and humble Goddess light, here is a message for the human world: The higher vibrations of the new dimensional light are taking hold on your planet now. This great shift into a new focus of love is an event that infinite soul lights longed to be present for and you got the ticket, so to speak. I pray you feel in your heart the love in that statement. You chose to be here at this most remarkable time on Mother Earth.

Navigate Your Way through the Energies 

Even with the higher frequencies making inroads on Earth, there are still many pockets of third-dimensional energy that must be released. Many of you may see this disheveled energy--in political bickering, financial chaos, or earth changes--and feel pulled into it. For example, you may feel the need to argue a point or to convince others that they are wrong. I ask you to rise above it.

Each person on this planet is living out their sacred blueprint. And everyone has the opportunity to choose how they respond to what is happening in the world. Focus on yourself and your own journey. How can you continually make the choices in your life that elevate your vibration to the next level of love? We StarsLightsInTheSea 300in the spiritual realms of guidance cannot do the journey for you, yet we will light your path so that you might feel the higher vibrations surrounding you and navigate your way through this very special lifetime

Release the past, stay present in your here and now with an eye on what you would like to consciously create. Who you were yesterday does not determine who you are in the now. Let go of the past, and be fully present in each moment. This will assist you in releasing old fears and allow you to move forward in love. It is about each person on this planet feeling the love of his or her own journey in the now.

You and Mother Earth are inextricable joined in this lifetime. Your heartbeat connects with her heartbeat. This is a journey of you and your planet together, and you enter the next level of your journey when you set your intention to consciously participate in this awakening. Feel your own love, and send that feeling into Mother Earth and to all the places where the light is struggling to take hold.


The Cellular Memory of Lemurian Lifetimes and the Goddess Light

During these shifting times, many of you feel fearful, impatient, or even angry. These feelings might really be an awakening in your cellular memory of lifetimes in an ancient land in the middle of the Pacific Ocean known as Lemuria. Oh yes, many are remembering their Lemurian lifetimes now.LemuriaInPacificOcean Somewhere deep down in your DNA, your cellular consciousness remembers the times of the Lemurian ascension from third to fourth dimension and beyond—just as you are in the process of ascension now.

As these feelings arise, love and healing light are dearly needed. When Lemuria shifted dimensions, many were fearful and unwilling to let go of the world they had become accustomed to, ust as in your world now. Many of you remembering these times are searching for the love and healing light. Realize in your hearts that the old ways will no longer work. Your third dimension is crumbling away to be replaced with new ways that support your evolutionary journey.

In your cellular consciousness is also the memory of the Lemurian Goddess Light, the weave of balanced love that ushers in a great shift in consciousness. This light was activated in the hearts of all Lemurians to join their consciousness together in order to ascend to the next level of love.

LemurianGoddessWeave DallasNagataWhite 300As in Lemurian times, the Goddess Light is the love awakening within you and surrounding your planet in a weave of healing light for your great shift. The Goddess Light is the balanced Love of Creation that goes beyond the yin and yang of the third-dimensional world so that you might feel the healing light within and recognize it within others. [Photo: Dallas Nagata White]


Lightworkers Are Needed Now

You may be seeing aggression, death and destruction play out in your world thousands of miles away and wonder, “What can I do?” It’s as though it is on another planet, but it is not. It is your planet, your home. What happens to one of you happens to all of you. It is time to say in unison, “I reject hate, fear, animosity, and ego-driven aggression. That is not who I am. I choose love.”

Mother Earth is calling upon the lightworkers now to hold a higher frequency of love to raise the collective vibration of the planet. Hold Mother Earth in the highest light of love, and in your meditations, send love and infinite light to the areas of conflict and concern around your beloved planet. Send your heart light to those people and places that need it the most.LightworkersUniting300

Send light, I say; send love. Go beyond any feeling of judgement, and in meditation, in your most humble state of love, feel yourself go deep into your heart. Feel the vibration of love begin to glow within you. Let your love become a beacon of light that simply goes to where it is needed without question in humble service to humanity and all of Creation. [Photo: John Hook Photography]


Dear lightworkers and spiritualists of planet Earth, you are needed now to awaken and, in the spirit of oneness, connect with the Goddess Light. This unity consciousness is the force that moves you and your planet to the next levels of experience. This is why more lightworkers need to awaken to the love within. As you move into this feeling of oneness, you support your ascension with Mother Earth and rise with her into a new journey of love. This is the event you have waited lifetimes for.

PeaceOnEarth 300

Weave Your Light

On your own or in group meditations, weave your light with others and consciously journey with Mother Earth in love. Breathe. Take deep breaths, go into your heart, and feel your connection to each other and to the Creator’s Light. Let your heart light shine brightly. You will begin to see your life shifting to raise the frequency of light surrounding you. Connect with your guides who are all around you with messages of love and encouragement.

My dear lights of love, no matter how you hold the light--gathered in meditation circles or prayer groups or solitary in your personal space--your intention to ignite the love within is paramount. May you feel the Lemurian Goddess Light shining within and raise your awareness of your connection to one another.

Send your light in humble service and know that you and your world are surrounded in a weave of infinite love.

And so it is, humbly, in love,

Mother Ulura


©2016 Karinna Nielsen

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Karinna Nielsen is a spiritual channel and purveyor of ancient Lemurian wisdom. She is passionate about guiding others to explore their own unique talents and gifts through the wisdom and practices of the ancient Lemurians. 

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[Photo: Mahalo, Alison Hayashi]