As seen in the March 2016 issue of the Sedona Journal of Emergence!

Greetings,  I am Magmar, and I offer a message of love for those in your world who choose to listen. Let there be an opening of your hearts to hear the messages from the guidance that surrounds your planet now. Change is upon your world and love is the energy of change. []

 A World Shifting Dimensions

Have you ever noticed that when the wind stops after it has been blowing strongly for many days, there is a strange stillness that prevails? Often, you don’t notice it at first, for you have grown so used to the swirling energy and the noise of the strong wind blowing. But when it stops, there is a sense of a void and a stillness that feels strangely different.

This is similar to what it feels like when a world shifts dimensions. There is a frenzied pace of a world trying to hold on to a worn-out pattern of life. When it is enveloped in love, the energy shifts into a balanced space and the next dimensional focus begins to take hold.

Kaelepulu 350The Loving Balance of the Goddess Light

You are approaching the time of the shift, my friends, and my guidance to you is not to get so caught up in the frantic pace of life that you miss the beauty of these times and your shift into a new dimensional light. Try not to be so consumed by the duality of the third dimension that you miss feeling the balanced love that is surrounding you now. This energy of love that will shift your world is the balance of the Goddess Light. 

What do I mean when I say "Goddess"? Goddess is the love of creation, the evolutionary spark of love that shines within all. It is the recognition that you are love, that you come from love, and that you are never separated from this love. You are love incarnate. That is Goddess, and this loving balance is what your world needs to shift into a new and greater awareness of who you are.

Feeling the Love in MeditationMoanaluaGardens 350

How can you recognize this Goddess Light within you? I would suggest that you do as the Lemurians did at the times of their dimensional shifts many thousands of years ago: Nurture your connection to your higher self and your connection to each other. Practicing meditation to go within is key to you feeling this connection. It can be as simple as breathing deeply, focusing on your heart, and feeling the unconditional love of your higher-self surrounding you.

Do you meditate regularly? Have you created a space in your life for introspection, peace and solitude? Do you have a time each day to reflect on the energies of life? If not, this would be an ideal time to create a daily practice of mediation. It is imperative now to find a balanced space in meditation to envision the outcomes and the world you would like to create.

GlobalMeditationForMotherEarth 300Nurturing Your Connection to Self and Others

Another step you can take to feel your connection to self and others is to participate in global meditations events such as the Meditation for Mother Earth. that my channel facilitates every month. These meditations involve simply going into meditation at a given time with a collective intent, such as world peace, and surrounding Mother Earth in loving light, or healing for all of humanity.

The Illusion of Separation

These are some simple ways to feel the oneness and collective love of this world and to build your focus to feel the love of who you are. Any separation between you and the Creator or you and others becomes what it is: an illusion. You recognize the lights of Creation that you are, and your world ascends to a new awareness of love.
In love and humble service,

Magmar of Arcturus

Magmar is a fifth-dimensional Goddess Light guide from the Arcturian star system. She is here in service to Creator, Mother Earth and our Great Shift in Consciousness. 


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This article was also published in the March 2016 issue of the Sedona Journal of Emergence! 




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