Last month I shared with you about my mother's passing, and I am so grateful for all of the heartfelt prayers and expressions of love I have received. This is the first time that I have participated so closely with a loved one's transition and passing, and, truthfully, I felt completely swept up in the myriad things that come forth at such a time on all four bodies—physical, emotional (especially), mental and spiritual.

After the memorial service and even before getting my father settled into a new living arrangement, I attempted to go past all of the feelings and get back into a "normal" routine. I wasn't really paying attention to my feelings as I tried to plow through everything I thought needed to be done. Suddenly, there would be waves of emotion that washed over me. I began to feel way out in front of myself and out of balance.


Being Present in Love in the Now

One day I heard my guidance say quite strongly, "You are missing the NOW." That really got my attention because I can truly feel this as a major "rite of passage" in my human experience—a turning in the cycles of life—and I want to be "here" for it. In order to be fully present with what I am feeling, I'm having to release any "should-haves" or "right/wrongs," to move beyond judgment and come into a space of balanced love—the Love of Creation—a love without opposites, a love that simply is.

Perhaps my experience can help you too right now. In a world that is searching to deal with good versus evil, is it possible to simply choose love? Even within my own thoughts, what am I saying to myself in judgment that no one else can hear? Can I choose to be in love with me?

I know that the cycles of my life are a microcosm of what is playing out this month and beyond in our greater world: release and transformation, death and renewal. The old ways are shifting into new ways. As old structures and worn out patterns of our world shut down, new innovations and structures emerge, and we are called upon to be present and to find the balance of love in our lives.


Balance - A Way of Life in Ancient Lemuria

Balance-TheGiftOfBeingPresent-2 300In the Lemurian numerology, the number 2 carries the enegy of balance. This is a balance beyond the yin/yang energies of the third-dimension and is a perfect balance of the Love of All That Is—a love without opposites, the Love of Creation. Within each of us is the essence of this love that awakens to the vibration of the times we are living in now. It's the love that will see us through to the next dimension.

This love that I am speaking of was a way of life for the ancient Lemurians —it was a state of absolute balance on all four bodies. The Lemurians went through great shifts of their own and they knew that this weave of balanced energy—the Goddess Love—becomes accessible during shifting times.

As we continue to move into our great shift in consciousness, we have access to a weave of balanced energy that is held within the etheric fabric of Mother Earth. Within our DNA is the knowing of this way of life that existed in Lemurian times and we can awaken to it as we center ourselves in the fullness of this balanced love of Creation.


Sending you Love and Lemurian blessings,



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