A note on November 6, 2020 from Karinna:

As we await the final results of the 2020 Presidential election, I remembered that I wrote an article four years ago after the last election. Looking at it again now, I see that so much of it is still very relevant. What I'd like to add here for this year's election is the importance of breathing, prayer, meditation, and focusing on the love in our hearts in order to be centered in the present moment of our lives. I heard a wise man say once, "Get in your heart and stay there," which, I feel, is good advice for all of us now.


By Karinna Nielsen

On the morning after Election Day 2016 in the U.S, the Sun actually rose as before, people were going to work and kids were walking to school, yet as I began my meditation around 5:00 am, it felt different. The usual trade winds had stopped blowing, so there was a stillness, but it wasn’t really that. In a strongly Democratic state like Hawaii and the birthplace of our current President, I felt a stunned and almost somber feeling prevailing. 


Don't Panic: It's the Great Shift

Most memorable for me was the late-night phone call I had gotten on election night from someone who sounded almost panicked, but let’s just say, concerned, about the results of the presidential election. She was facing a major decision that seemed so clear earlier in the day, yet now that the election results were obvious, she wasn’t sure. “What was going to happen?” She spoke about the “crazy times that we’re living in now,” and what should she do?

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This U.S. presidential campaign and the election results have illuminated the polarization of third-dimensional, yin-yang energies in a big way: male-female, red-blue, good-evil, right-wrong. At this time of the great shift in consciousness, there is a higher-vibrational focus of reality that is trying its best to take hold on this planet. This new, fourth dimension is a realm of balanced love more powerful than the duality of the third dimension that’s been prevailing on this planet since the end of Lemurian times.


Living in a Bubble

In this energy of shifting dimensions, what we think to ourselves or say to others becomes more and more powerful. In essence, we are creating a reality of our focus. We will see many things that could cause panic or draw us into the duality of the yin-yang, yet where will we choose to go?

The woman on the phone also shared that a friend in Texas had told her that the people in Hawaii are living in a bubble. “It’s a scary world, and you guys over there are just living in a dream,” said her friend. That kind of amused me because that is just a perfect metaphor for the Great Shift, isn’t it? Aren’t we ALL living in a bubble of what we believe the world is really like?

What's it like in your bubble? Are you creating a loving or a fearful space in there? And how strong is that bubble anyway? What are your belief systems? Wherever you may be in the world, are the results of this election going to burst your bubble or make you more committed to your Truth?

Stay in a Space of Love

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Don’t get me wrong, this whole election campaign, including the results, stunned me more times than I can count. I am talking to myself as much as to anyone else when I say, nobody said that the Great Shift was going to be a smooth ride. As lightworkers, this is absolutely the time to stay in our hearts, to keep our lights lit and to hold Mother Earth in love, no matter how it all unfolds.

We’ve all heard about the power of being present in the moment, and I’m finding that this is a great gift I can give to myself. Taking a breath and just feeling if I am in a space of love or if there is something that I need to be aware of in this moment.

Energies of the Great Shift

The results of this election can reveal so many things for all of us. How do you feel about it? Are you angry or frustrated? Or do you feel elated, boastful or proud? However you feel about it, we all need to move beyond the yin-yang to find a balance.

The balance, I believe, will be a humble love found deep within our hearts—even in the face of the extreme polarities and what feels like chaos out there. It won’t allow for blame or hatred. It will be a feeling of love and peace, a knowing that no matter how we feel about the results of an election, we are all one light of Creation having a human experience on this planet.

What I’d like to tell you is what I said to the woman who called late on election night: Don’t panic. Breathe, go into meditation and feel what you need to feel. Follow your guidance and hold your love in balance for yourself, Mother Earth and everyone on this planet.

The result of the Presidential election has created an opportunity for all of us to follow the light, and I personally feel a renewed commitment to walking an evolutionary path of love for all here on Earth.

With love and Lemurian blessings,


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© Karinna Nielsen

Karinna Nielsen is a certified Signature Cell Healing practitioner, workshop facilitator, spiritual channel and purveyor of ancient Lemurian wisdom. She is the lead facilitator for the Signature Cell Healing® International workshops and online courses, a Lemurian healing modality. She is a regular contributor to the Sedona Journal of Emergence, and is passionate about guiding spiritual seekers to explore healing through the wisdom and practices of the ancient Lemurians. 

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