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Please enjoy these shares from our guidance and Goddess lights around the world about their participation in the monthly Global Healing Meditation for Mother Earth.

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A message from the April 4 meditation:

Our journey as humans and that of Mother Earth is a 4-body healing experience. As humans on the planet, we represent her emotional body and each of us is feeling the pain, suffering and anger as well as the joy, happiness and the beauty of life on Earth.

I am so very grateful for your participation in our Monthly Healing Meditation for Mother Earth--especially now. This month, as we create the weave of healing light to encircle the planet, I pray that each of you focus the love to the areas around the globe that are calling for healing light, to raise the frequency of love and to help the souls exiting this plane. Each will feel their own calling to people and places that are in need of the healing.

Mahalo nui for your love and your participation. As we hold ourselves in the fullness of self-love, each of us make a difference in our Great Shift. Together, we create a collective consciousness of love and healing! With love and blessings, Karinna


Shares from the Lemurian Goddess Weave


As soon as the meditation began, Mt. Shasta, Fuji, Mt Batur in Bali, Table Mountain in South Africa, and Uluru in Australia came around me. From the Kilauea mountain on Hawaii, the Goddess Pele came to my side with white shining light.

At first, I was amazed at these white shining lights, but eventually the white light cord was anchored down from the center of my chest into the center of the Mother Earth. These weaves created strong grounding. The weaves were created with meditation, sincere prayer, and were passionate and fixed. It gave me a sense of powerful stability. Soon, my heart was surrounded by a great sense of relief. I heard a message from our hearts that we could have a sense of loving community again, and I prayed from my heart in gratitude.

I am very proud to be able to send this white light to Diamond Head and into the kukui tree grove.
I had a great time with you. Thank you so much! Let's meet again next month.

~Halu in Japan



Messages from Mother Ulura through Karinna

This message is about your collective weave of love and how it is shifting your entire world. Last night in your meditation, Diamond Head was glowing from your energies that gathered there. The loving weave that you collectively created was shared around Mother Earth and the weave has been planted again in her core light.

Each month as you weave and play with the spiritual energies and share your magic around the world, Mother Earth benefits from all that you do in love. She is shifting, raising her frequency and your weave holds her in love.
In humble love, I am

Mother Ulura


In your world, the Goddess Light is awakening and weaving together for meditations such as you had last night. Let’s talk about that and the unifying force that came together inside Diamond Head to be in service to Mother Earth. This was a gathering of lights larger and more powerful than had gathered previously. The lightworkers from all realms are heeding the call to gather and to create this weave around Mother Earth. This includes your incarnate Goddess weave on Earth as well as the lightworkers from other dimensions and planetary systems that gather with you each month inside Diamond Head. It is really quite spectacular.

You, the lightworkers and the Goddess weave, are holding Mother Earth in Love, and she feels it. You are making a difference for your planet. Go into your hearts and feel it. Connect your heart into the core light of Mother Earth and she will tell you how she feels. Let this message resonate with your heart and you will know. The love of the weave you all are creating is sustaining Mother Earth. She looks forward to your meditations each month. Karinna, tell the weave that they are deeply loved and that Mother Earth is grateful.
In Love and humble Goddess Light, 

Mother Ulura


A Message from Anantar through Karinna

Let your thoughts be centered in Love, as many around the world will be led into a wave of fear and distrust. The simplest response for the human world is a violent one, yet with just a breath, you could be centered in love and go beyond the mental response.

Your Earth plane is coming rapidly to the conclusion of the third-dimensional weave and many know this--many who you wouldn’t think of. And so, there is a force struggling to hold on that is opposing the evolution of the planet. It will not succeed, because evolution is certain to occur  The 4th light is already here, finding its holds and anchoring to the Earth plane.

That’s where the Goddess weave comes in. One of your tasks will be to anchor the light of the next dimension to Mother Earth, to allow this new weave to take hold in the hearts of the people. The more you strengthen your connection to spirit and weave your love the more this connection unfolds.

We in the galactic realms stand with you at the ready, yet it must come first through the incarnate Goddess light and those on the planet. Once that has begun, we shall weave our lights with yours to create an even stronger weave.
And so it is in Love,


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Hi everyone! Thank you for a great meditation! I normally work at the high levels of Light. I rarely see beings, ships or any such type of detail. I infuse Light and provide base for others to do their work in more defined (denser) detail.

In our meditation, I saw Diamond Head (DH) ablaze with Light and from the Creator itself, a constant Light in form similar to the lightning that was beamed to the whole mountain, "charging" it so DH could pass this Light down into the center and into our weave of Love. Light was coming not directly from above DH, but slightly at an angle and the Light beam was moving around the mountain. The beam was infusing Light into the sides of the mountain.

I am very grateful to all those, who accepted my suggestion and asked your Light friends to work with you. My experience until now was that people I met preferred making a name for themselves - keeping their contact with the Light for themselves. You guys have chosen to be one with others, sharing your Light contacts with others and look what has happened! Unity Consciousness rules! There is enormous power in working together (with physical & non-physical beings)!

Thank you all—physical and non-physical beings! I Love you, Hugs.

~Darek in Poland


I started anchoring the weave from all beings of light into Mother Earth--the love from we the people and the animal kingdom. When I started , I heard a beautiful bird singing in my litchi tree. The weave is growing and stronger — which, in my humble opinion, shows how strong the Goddess weave all over the world and Mother Earth herself are becoming.
Yes, I feel, we are moving on an accelerated path now, and we should do so with much joy, if possible. (I struggle with that myself too, oftentimes) 
With much love. Mahalo!
~Dagmar in Mauritius 


I had a somewhat brief but different experience during my meditation last night, whereby I envisioned myself surrounded by these unmoving, dark, flame-like, vertical shapes. They seemed to be surrounding the edge of the old [Diamond Head} crater, while I seemed to be in or near the center of it. They appeared to be too flat to be small trees or bushes or tall plants though perhaps some of them were one of those types of arbor.

~Sandra in Massachusetts  


it is always and will always be an honour for me to anchor the weave into Mother Earth. Each time the experience is different from the previous ones.
This time was feeling kind of heavy. I sensed Mother Earth’s need of compassion, love, healing and shielding. She felt tired. She needs energy; she needs more physical love to get her going. I felt as if she is asking us to lay down on her body and touch her with ours, smelling the grass, the stones, her very dirt with our hands and let our love just pour through our hands and feet, She is asking us to bless the raindrops falling from the sky as this blessings will follow up into her rivers, lakes, oceans and thus change their energy and give these blessings to all beings living in the waters as well.

Karinna, thank you for doing such an important work with our beloved Gaia. She is now in between the dimensions and it just feels like it's up to us to let go of what is not of purpose anymore. Let’s continue to assist her, and if we can, in a very physical way as well.

~Dagmar in Mauritius


Aloha to all that I met at Diamond Head this past meditation session.
In honor of the eighth month of August, I decided to create a figure 8 with me in the center connected to the Creator Force. I sent my energy up to the right and encircled the moon and back to me to make the top loop. Then, I sent the energy down to the right and encircled Mother Earth to make the bottom loop. What happened next was magical. Light emanated from my heart center to the entire universe. The message I got back was: "Thank you for the lessons you are sharing with all of us. We send you LOVE!"   Mahalo, 

~Mahinaku in Honolulu


It seems to me that this was the smoothest, most loving and gentle Meditation for Mother Earth that I have experienced so far. Maybe this is due to this being the 5th month of May with 5 being the number for love in Lemurian Numerology. I really felt it.
Grounding the weave was so light and harmonious. The winds gave me a gentle breeze and all was just in balance. I felt my Goddess sisters being in joy and appreciation too. What and incredible experience of the 4th dimensional weave!

~Dagmar in Mauritius


What an amazing feeling! I just LOVE the Global Healing Meditation for Mother Earth! The moon is absoutely beautiful! Thank you, Karinna.

~Melani in Honolulu

In Love for the Goddess Light

Angels sing the Goddess Light
Stars more bright in Goddess Light
Hearts and minds unite in Goddess Light
Earth delights in Goddess Light

~ Magdallynna in Hawai'i


Anchoring the Weave Into Mother Earth

[Note: At the beginning of our meditation each month, a Goddess sister in Mauritius anchors the weave down into the core of Mother Earth. We are grateful to Dagmar for grounding the weave each month!. ]

There was a beautiful clear sky above me and the moon to my left as I prepared a space in my little garden to do the meditation, I blessed Mother Earth, giving my gratitude for having kept us on her body for all the experiences we have been allowed to have. I called upon the energies of fire, earth, wind and water and lit four incense sticks to assist me in anchoring the weave into Mother Earth. I also asked the fairies, divas, elemental spirits, unseen forces of the light and all Elven communities to help to ground the weave.

Then I started to connect with all the energies. In my head, I hear a wolf cry and a dog barked. There is an Indian place of prayer nearby and, for whatever reason, their priest blew a horn 5 times --- it all happened very quickly! With my hands and feet well planted into Mother Earth, I felt the weave from the Goddesses entering my crown chakra and flowing down into Mother Earth. I was just the channel. I could feel Mother Earth and had intense feelings of joy and well-being.

Afterward, it took me some time to get back into myself, but I finished at 1 minute before the Earth Meditation was to begin!

Thank you for choosing me to do this work. I am blessed by your trust.

In love and light,
Dagmar in Mauritius


 DiamondHeadDrawing Darek editI joined you for the meditation, and I am so happy!  I had a vision of Diamond Head from the air. An energy column was flowing down into the center of the crater. Above the crater, it was amplified by our Love and it spread, engulfing the whole of Diamond Head. It was flowing above the surface of the cone and went into the ground through the circle just wider than diameter of the base of Diamond Head. I was "hanging" in the point where energy column was spreading above the crater. Awesome!




I did the meditation, asking to tune into it in the right way. I felt such a nice connection to Earth. I love Earth, this beautiful, wonderful planet. It’s just that humans are so difficult and sometimes get trapped in many things instead of loving, enjoying and working together in love and compassion and respecting this beautiful planet for the good of as many as possible. I hope that this will change one day.

~Hedy in Austria


I envisioned the shield in place all around the Earth, and inside the shield was filled with lots of photon particles, sparkling and shining.

~Magdallynna in Hawai'i


I did the Earth Shielding Ceremony and Meditation with my niece and her daughter last night, and there were lots of Goddesses in Diamond Head! The moon was very beautiful and I looked at it for a while post-shielding. We also held the Hawaiian Islands in the center of our hearts to calm the storm [Iselle] and help it to gracefully dissipate.
~Mahinaku in Hawai'i


I did the meditation last night and was surprised by my experience. I became very YvonneMeditationShare 300hot and sweaty. I did have the sense that I was not alone. I saw a purple and violet and my aqua Goddess color was vibrant!
This image [at right] is very similar to what I saw, except I'm guessing that the energy that was moving around the Earth so quickly was the Lemurian Goddess weave in all the Goddess colors.
~ Yvonne in Connecticut


From the shield caldera of Wollumbin in northern NSW Australia, I sent a rainbow bridge to Diamond Head and to my goddess sisters and brothers in the shielding ceremony. I saw the energies diffuse in soft colours as I held the symbol towards the moon.
~Christine in Australia


The monthly ceremony (meditation)  last night was very, very powerful indeed. I felt the energies of the moon strongly stirring up something deep inside, and I felt as though some kind of gates where opened and new energies allowed to enter Earth. I clearly saw some of the Goddesses and felt their light. We were surrounded with love and sparkling golden particles of light which went from us all around the Earth like a beautiful white golden light particle shield. My meditation began 8:46 and ended 9:19h. What a “coincidence”!  Many blessings to you and all the goddesses for this beautiful ceremony.

~ Dagmar in Mauritius


For the Earth Meditation, what I saw and felt was amazing! So much love, light and positive energy. This gave me back my faith in humanity. When so many people help this meditation to go around the world, it will bring Mother Earth forward!

~Claudia in Germany


In the Earth ceremony, I worked with an angel to shield the Earth from the harmful moon rays. She's a beautiful angel with a crown of flowers around her head and doves that are very attentive to her. She was above the Earth and her transparent, left wing was open towards the moon blocking only the harmful energies. Her hands were outstretched towards the Earth, sending healing energies. Her doves manifested from the healing energies she sent.  I like working with her. Her energy is gentle, calm and strong. I add my energy to hers during the ceremony. I also gave my regards to the Pleiadians who are helping us in the ceremony!

~ Mahinaku in Hawai'i


I was very much aware of everyone there—not the actual faces—but our colors. I saw the circle, heard the chant and voices and had the feeling of having been greeted by somebody there as well. 

~ Meike in Germany


I sent a beam up to the Galactic Center and down to the center of Mother Earth to begin, then tuned in with the Goddess weave at Diamond Head. Something major was occurring at the exact same time, with a hurricane about to encounter the mountains of Lemuria right here on my island, the Big Island. I believe the shield was enabling an "ejection" to take place. I asked for the removal of anything that wasn't serving the highest good here, and I believe Mother Earth was grateful to be able to assist in this cleansing and release. Thanks to all the Goddesses working together, it felt very powerful and totally full of love. The next day, everything feels much cleaner and lighter.
~Magdallynna in Hawai'i

[Note: At the time of the ceremony the Moon was actually at 0 degrees Capricorn, the location of the Galactic Center from our perspective.]


In the meditation, I felt very strong and supportive energy. I had an image of all of us in Diamond Head sitting in a circle, holding hands, and I recognized many of the Silver Wings of Light Goddesses, my other Goddess sisters and my sister in Germany as well.

The code is such a beautiful symbol. I saw it as a strong object of pure gold, and I could really feel it in my hands as I lifted it up towards the moon. I even chanted some words with Mahinaku, the chanter. (I have no idea how I could do that!) I felt that the harmful rays coming off of the moon were taken out. When the ceremony was over, Kahu (Fred Sterling) stepped out and blessed all of us.

After the meditation I felt at peace, and on the next morning, here in Mauritius, the sky looked like it had been cleansed, and everything just seemed to be on another note—a better resonance. It was as if the people were more at peace with themselves.

~ Dagmar in Mauritius


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