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Creating a Weave of Healing Light Around Mother Earth

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The next Global Healing Meditation for Mother Earth is Monday, August 12, 2019 at 9pm your local time. Our meditation is a celebration of Mother Earth and all her beauty, creating a weave of love and healing light surrounding our planet and everyone upon her. 

At 9pm your local time, please take some deep prana breaths, go into your heart and, in meditation, send your light to Diamond Head where we create a collective consciousness of love and balanced light and send it around around Mother Earth. Let every thought, every feeling that we have be one of love and healing for our world. Each one of us participating in the meditation brings something very special to the weave, so thank you for sharing your healing light!

Please click "read more" for the chant of protection, the meditation code and more!  

At the time of our meditation each month, the weave of Goddess Light is anchored into the core of Mother Earth. So at 9pm your local time, as you begin your meditation, take some deep prana breaths, listen to the chant of protection, visualize the meditation code, and send your light down into the core of the Earth to connect with the weave and the love of Mother Earth. Then send light from your heart to the kukui grove inside Diamond Head where we bring our energies together from around the world prior to sending the weave around Mother Earth. 


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Why a Global Healing Meditation for Mother Earth each month?

As we move further into the energies of the Great Shift in Consciousness, our planet is ascending from a third- to a fourth-dimensional experience. Mother Earth is a sentient being that feels our love as well as any fear that may be occurring on Earth.

How can we help her to feel more love in this process? 

First of all, we can choose to ascend with her and to create a space of love, peace and harmony in our lives. We can also choose to participate in global meditations and ceremonies that hold Mother Earth in a weave of loving light so she can feel a positive focus of love surrounding her. We are not physically going to Diamond Head, but we are creating a weave of healing light to surround Mother Earth from wherever we may be.

The Meditation Code and Lemurian Chant of Protection
Code ForEarthMeditation edit 300

As you begin the meditation, visualize the special meditation code (at right), listen to chant (right click to download) and take 5 deep prana breaths(Mahalo to Therra Annyela for the fabulous meditation code, and mahalo to Mahinaku for the beautiful chant!)

You might also like to begin the ceremony by putting on a ceremonial Goddess scarf in your Goddess Color, lighting a candle and saying a prayer of intention.


Connecting Your Heart with Mother Earth's Heart

For the meditation, we have been guided to begin by prana breathing to center into our hearts. Draw the light into your crown chakra, down through the pineal gland in the center of your head, and allow the golden particles of the Creator's Light to flow into your heart. When you feel yourself centered in your heart, send your love down into Mother Earth and connect with her core heart energy. Call upon your personal guides, angels, Goddess Lights and other guidance lights to join and to assist in the healing of Mother Earth.


Send Your Heart Light to the Kukui Grove inside Diamond Head

KukuiGrove DiamondHead 300

After making this loving connection, send a strand of light from your heart to Diamond Head on the island of O'ahu, Hawai'i. There is a grove of kukui trees inside the crater where we send our healing energies from around the world. (The light, silvery-green trees in the photo at left)

From there, we send a weave of loving light around Mother Earth and activate the photon energy that is surrounding our planet. It's like giving Mother Earth a great big hug and holding her in a loving embrace, allowing her and everyone on the planet to feel the love. 

The energies can be set and the meditation done in 15 minutes or so, or it may last longer depending on your participation in the meditation and what you perceive.



Thank you for joining us in service with Mother Earth and the Great Shift in Consciousness!

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