Midst in our traditional holiday season at the end of each year, the December solstice opens a 3-day window of opportunity to celebrate the completion of the old year and to dedicate our intentions for the new year.  It is literally a time of the Sun "standing still”—rising and setting in the same place on the horizon for 3 days—allowing us a space to be present with our intentions for the coming year.


The solstice on December 21, 2014 at 23:03 UTC (Find solstice timing) is an especially powerful one as it is followed just a few hours later by a New Moon at 0° Capricorn, the direct station of Uranus, (the planet of breaking free of old patterns and spontaneous creation), as well as Venus with the crescent Moon at the first Gate of Manifestation in her journey out of the Underworld on the evening of December 22, calling us to re-empower ourselves and to ground our intentions in the fullness of Love.


Completing Your Transitions in 2014 and Shifting Into Balance

Purple-8Using the Lemurian numerology to look at the shift this year to the next, we are moving from a Year of Transition (7) into a Year of Balance (8). Therefore, in the time remaining in 2014, it becomes important make the changes now that you might already have in mind as transitions become trickier in an “8” year when an energy of balance and infinity prevails. (More on the "8" energy in the upcoming January article.)

The 3-day solstice window from December 20 – 22, 2014 is an ideal time to focus on the completion of changes you'd like to make now as well as creating your intentions or mastermind statements for the coming year in order to enter 2015 in the fullness of love and balance.


Celebrating the Solstice

The Lemurians were in tune with the "As Above, So Below" energies and looked at the solstices as solar gateways or portals of opportunity to celebrate and to gain clarity on their life journeys. There are lots of ways that solstices have been and are still beingcelebratedaround the world. Meditations can be particularly insightful at this time, and it is a wonderful time for ceremony–however you choose that to be. Ceremonies can be elaborate with singing and drumming or simply being present with the energies and putting on a scarf in your Lemurian Goddess color, lighting a candle, meditating, dancing or taking some deep prana breaths!

Solstice blessings for a peaceful and insightful solstice experience!  I pray that you enjoy this portal of love and understanding opening for your final changes in the Year of Transition and creating your heartfelt intentions for the new year!

In Love,