The Goddess Light Returns to the Morning Sky

On January 17, 2014, the planet Venus returned to the morning sky to begin a new 584-day cycle in the sign of Capricorn. The experiential nature and transformative power of this Goddess cycle is my reason for creating this special message to you. How will you choose to celebrate and participate in this Venus cycle and her new archetypal journey? The cycle of Venus is a beautiful reflection of our own evolving Goddess Light and the expression of the divine feminine within all of us—male or female.


The Venus Cycle throughout the Ages -- The Legend of Inanna

Many ancient societies like the Sumerians, the Babylonians, the Mayans, and yes, the Lemurians, honored the cycle of Venus, building temples and stone circles to honor her cycle in which she rises as a morning star, meets with the moon seven or eight times, goes behind the Sun (into the underworld), then rises again as an evening star and meets with the Moon seven or eight times before completing her cycle.

There is a Sumerian legend which follows Inanna, the Queen of Heaven and Earth (Venus) on a shamanic journey through the phases of the cycle: into the underworld, stopping at each of the seven or eight gates (conjunctions of Venus and the Moon in the sky—representing the seven chakra) to surrender her power and then returning through the eight gates and re-empowering herself as she finally emerges from the underworld, reborn in the Goddess Light.

Celebrating the Venus Cycle and Honoring the Goddess Light within

The power of this cycle is enhanced by your participation in the many opportunities for ceremony. In ceremonially participating with the Venus cycle, we create a sacred connection with our own Goddess Light experience and draw into us the awareness of the “as above, so below” Lemurian mysteries. A ceremony can be as simple as lighting a candle, saying a prayer of intention, or standing outside to see Venus and the Moon together in the sky. In this way, we can ceremonially “walk through the gates with Venus” to let go of the old ways that are no longer serving us and re-empower ourselves to embrace new ways of being. What an awesome feeling of connection to the oneness of all life!

Are you entering your personal, eight-year Venus synodic return with this new Venus cycle?

Every eight years, Venus returns to the place she was when we were born. If your age is a multiple of eight at any point between January 17, 2014 and the end of the new cycle on August 21, 2015, you are in your personal, eight-year synodic Venus return—creating an even more powerful opportunity to take your Goddess Light to the next level of Love.

When I began to celebrate my eight-year Venus return 584 days ago with the previous Venus cycle, I had no idea how much this would transform my life and help me to move through some of my life’s greatest challenges. In ceremonies at each of the “gates” or meetings of Venus with the Moon, I recognized the “as above, so below” mysteries at a new level that helped me to create balance and evolutionary motion in my life.


Venus in Capricorn: What does this mean for all of us on Planet Earth?

Even if this cycle is not your eight-year synodic Venus return, you can still participate with the new cycle over the next 584 days as the new Goddess Light archetype of Capricorn is integrated into the collective consciousness of humanity. The archetypal journey of the Capricorn Goddess will be the theme, or overtone, for this new cycle.

Venus in the archetype of Capricorn is the kupuna or wise elder who takes responsibility to lead her community and our planet in a way that honors all.  The Capricorn Goddess Light is guiding humanity to consciously create ways to nurture all within our global community in a sustainable way for many generations to come. How can we care for each other as a wise and loving grandmother would to create a one-world community based on love?

As a side note: As Venus dons her new garb of Capricorn and before she begins her decent into the underworld in this new cycle, there will be an awesome meeting on January 28, 2014 of Venus, Pluto and the Moon—all at 12-13 degrees in the sign of Capricorn—representing a powerful Trinity force of Truth, Trust and Passion to release the old structures (including political) of our world which no longer serve the evolving nature of our planet in the Great Shift in Consciousness.

How can you celebrate the new Venus cycle?

It is my prayer that this new Venus cycle connects you more fully into the Goddess Light expression that you have come here to experience in this lifetime. Which of the twelve archetypes of the Goddess Light have you come here to explore? Whichever it is, I send you blessings for this awesome journey of Love we are all here to explore in the Creator’s Light!

In Love and Lemurian blessings,



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