If you've felt a bit like a caterpillar in the chrysalis these past few months while Venus was in the Underworld, you'll celebrate with me now as she rises in the evening sky like a new born butterfly. In her new phase as evening star beginning December 5, watch for Venus' reappearance in the evening sky just after sunset in the west, as she ascends from the underworld and reclaims her place as Queen of Heaven and Earth. 


The Trinity of Truth, Trust and Passion in December

In December, the 12th month of the year,the Lemurian numerology focuses us on the number 3, which represents the Trinity of Truth, Trust and Passion. In the Lemurian Ten Principles of Consciously Creating, this trinity anchors the love of Creation within the self and forms the basis of all life. Just as the egg and the sperm join with the Signature Cell of the incoming spirit to create new life, this Trinity is the foundation of our evolutionary life journey.

The anchoring light of this Trinity--and of all the Ten Principles--is the Principle of Truth. The truth I am speaking of is the Truth that is synonymous with Love and hurts no one. It is a Truth that when heard, resonates with the heart. In this Lemurian Trinity, when that level of Truth is felt, we Trust and bring our Passion to it, creating a balanced force of light at the center of which is always Love.


Venus at the First Gate of Manifestation

In the ancient legend of Inanna (Venus), the underworld phase of her journey is about releasing old patterns, surrendering anything no longer serving her and dying to her old self in order to be reborn and re-empowered with a new sense of self. Though she is faint and a bit weak from her experience in the underworld, Venus gets brighter and brighter each month as she continues her journey of self-empowerment and reclaiming the symbols of her power at Venus-Moon each of the seven gates, representing the seven chakra.

On December 23, Inanna arrives at the first gate out of the underworld, representing the red, first chakra, also called the Gate of Manifestation. Look for Venus with the crescent Moon in the western evening sky as she retrieves her royal robe and reclaims her life force.

The story of Inanna's journey is a beautiful reflection of the divine feminine within all of us—male or female--and our individual journeys of healing and spiritual evolution. As Venus rises and meets with the Moon as an evening star, enjoy this opportunity--as the Lemurians did--to re-empower yourself and to celebrate Inanna's journey through the first gate of Manifestation. Create a ceremony and put on a red scarf, use red crystals or candles to celebrate your own personal journey of self-empowerment in the Lemurian Goddess Light.

I'll be walking with you though each of the gates so stay tuned! Or if you'd like to explore your own Venus energy and discover how you can work with this cycle to celebrate your Lemurian Goddess Light, treat yourself to a Lemurian Goddess reading. Venus is rising—you can too!


As a Above, so Below; As Within, So Surrounds

What else can we look forward to in this Trinity month? December is filled with powerful planetary alignments to celebrate, including a Grand Fire Trine of planetary energies in a trinity formation in the fiery signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. In alignment with this month's numerology, focusing us on the Trinity of Truth, Trust and Passion, Uranus in Aries (a truth worth fighting for) and Jupiter (the amplifier and fastest path to enlightenment) form a trine (more benevolent and easier flowing energy) off and on throughout the month to Venus, Mercury and the Sun in Sagittarius.


On December 14, we will also have the sixth (6 = mastery) of seven Uranus – Pluto squares since 2012. This is a huge indicator of the Great Shift in Consciousness as Uranus in Aries, the agent of change, freedom and out-of-the-box, revolutionary action squares off with Pluto in Capricorn, the underworld initiator and transformer that asks us to look at our deepest fears. Combined with the energy of Truth, Trust and Passion, look for more revelations of hidden truths in politics, government and organizations as energies that can no longer be sustained are revealed for a shift in what we know to be truth. More info in this previous blog post 


Solstice Sunrise 350

Celebrating the Winter Solstice

Finally, the Winter Solstice on December 21 comes with a powerful New Moon at 0° Capricorn—the beginning of the ancient zodiac and pointing toward the Galactic Center for a new alignment in Truth, Trust and Passion. This is an especially powerful time to celebrate the completion of the Year of Transition, 2014 (7), and to shift into the energies of 2015 (8), a Year of Evolution and balancing between two worlds: this dimension and the next in the Great Shift in Consciousness.

I wish you joyous celebrations of the Solstice to release the Year of Transition in loving light and to look into the center of the 8 for a balanced start to the New Year!


A Reminder! Celebrate the New Year in Ceremony with Mother Earth

 Our next meditation to honor Mother Earth and to hold our planet in loving light, will be on New Year's Night, Thursday, Jan 1, 2015, three days prior to the first Full Moon of the year. Wherever you may be in the world, Christmas2014_300see you at 9pm at Diamond Head to begin the New Year with a meditation to honor Mother Earth!


Sending you Love and Lemurian blessings,




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