How Did You Expeience this Powerful Total Lunar Eclipse?

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Gazing up at the full Moon just prior to the eclipse, the light and the vibration coming off of it was so bright and intense that I could barely look at it. It was like looking at the Sun. As the eclipse unfolded, the light of the Moon began to soften and to take on an orangey glow. There was Mars above the Moon and the blue star Spica, nestled just to the right of the Moon.

Because the eclipse took place shortly after Moonrise here in Hawaii, there was a perfect space outside my healing room to watch the eclipse and to feel the energies. What appeared to me was beauty of the Trinity Light of the planet Mars (representing the divine masculine), the star Spica (representing the divine feminine) and the various phases of the Moon in the eclipse energy.  In Lemurian Numerology the number 3 represents the Trinity of Truth, Trust and Passion: Spica, the Blue Goddess Light of Truth, Mars, the Trust in a new light of balanced and sustainable partnerships, and the Passion of the Moon in all of her phases to bring the reflection of the Light of Source to our Planet.

In the center of this celestial Trinity was a love that seemed to emanate out in waves toward our Mother Earth—honoring a new balance in the light of our relationships, reminding us to honor first the relationship with Self, being responsible for everything in my life and holding myself in love that I may consciously create loving relationships with others.

Lying in the grass there outside my healing room, I felt Mother Earth below me and the energy of being between the Sun and the Moon and feeling these waves of love coming from the center of this celestial trinity. I remember saying over and over, "This is so beautiful."

Mahalo to Tom Telfer for the awesome eclipse photo!


Pre-eclipse musings and comments:

In your ceremonies and meditations for the Total Lunar Eclipse on April 14 at 9:46pm HST/ April 15 at 3:46am EST and 7:43am UCT/GMT at 25 degrees Libra, I invite you to join me in holding a vision for peace and harmonious relationships on our planet.As the energies of April 2014 move into high gear with the opening of the eclipse window and the Cardinal Grand Cross exact next week, there is an emphasis on taking our experience of relationships to new levels, including international relationships and diplomacy.

In this auspicious alignment of the Moon, Earth and Sun, with Mars (the divine masculine) and the star Spica (representing the divine feminine), let us hold a vision of new ways to arrive at peaceful resolutions to old conflicts and an end to old ways that are simply not working anymore.


The First in a Series of Four Total Lunar Eclipses Focuses on Balanced and Equal Partnerships

 This eclipse begins what is known as a "tetrad, or a series of four consecutive total lunar eclipses, occurring at approximately six month intervals" [], all visible in the United States. This first eclipse of the series will be nearly conjunct (within 10 degrees of) the planet Mars, which on April 8 began a new 26-month cycle in the archetypal sign of Libra, representing the divine masculine's journey to explore new concepts of equal and balanced partnerships.

In addition, the "proto-planet" (no longer just an asteroid) Vesta, representing the Goddess of the hearth & home and keeper of the sacred flame, and the North Node, representing humanity's destiny, will be conjunct the Full Moon and opposite the Sun for this most auspicious celestial event!  Also, visible with the Full Moon and Mars will be the star Spica, whose energy represents the sacred feminine.

What a beautiful opportunity to honor the divine feminine in equal partnership with the divine masculine and a new level of love and balance for all of humanity!  This creates and opportunity to celebrate the beauty of a great shift in the realm of conscious and equal partnerships, the essence of the Libra archetype. Why not create a special ceremony in a beautiful place near you or in your own backyard to watch the eclipse and hold a vision for a world of peaceful and harmonious relationships?

In Love and Lemurian Blessings,