At one of our Lemurian Wisdom Circle gatherings recently, many in the circle were concerned about the volatile stock markets, hurricanes coming towards us in Hawaii and ominous Earth changes. They had heard that in things were going to get even more chaotic and that there were many astrological omens of great changes and other apocalyptic signs--and what was my take on all that?




Celebrating the Cycles

Yes, it is true that there are profound astrological energies this coming month, yet as those of you who have had Lemurian Astrology readings with me will know, I believe that we have planned out our journeys and placed it in our blueprints prior to incarnating. So, the movements of the planets and the cycles of our lives are something to celebrate; they assist us in our evolutionary journeys of healing--completing one level after the next, and we are ultimately where we need to be. What we choose to focus on in our lives is a choice. Are we looking for chaos, or are we choosing to see life unfolding in a way that is for our highest good?


Venus Direct, Mercury Retrograde and How About Those Eclipses?

Venus Moon 300That said, there is a potential for great shifts in the energies this month, first with Venus, now in the morning sky with Mars and Jupiter, beginning her new 584-day cycle in Leo, then stationing direct and meeting with the Moon at the 1st gate on her journey into the Underworld.

Then a Mercury retrograde cycle in Libra, Saturn moving into Sagittarius, the Equinox and two powerful eclipses. One of these eclipses will be the 4th and final in the tetrad of Blood Moon total lunar eclipses with a perigee, Super Full Moon in Aries. Some are calling this "the biggest eclipse of a lifetime." Wow. Hold on to your hats!   Read more in the Celestial Energies section at the end of this article.
Find out what all this means for you personally.


September: The Ninth MonthNineOfHearts 300

The month of September is, of course, the 9th month of the year, and in Lemurian Numerology, the number 9 has the energy of completions and new beginnings. Oftentimes, we cannot see what the new beginning is until we embrace the completion aspect of the journey, so it is important to stay present in the moment and to hold a positive focus. These are transformative changes that will ultimately lead us to our greatest good.


There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it's going to be a butterfly.
~ Buckminster Fuller ~

Recently, I had a Lemurian Astrology reading client who was in a cycle which we all go through when we are around 36 – 38 years old called “Pluto Square Pluto.” Pluto is the planet representing transformation, death and rebirth and facing our deepest fears. In this cycle, which lasts 2 ½ to 3 years, the transiting Pluto (in the sky now) moves into a 90-degree aspect, or a “square,” to where Pluto was when we were born. The square aspect is known as “crisis in action,” and the Pluto-square-Pluto creates opportunities for surrender, letting go of old patterns and transformation—essentially completions and new beginnings!

Butterfly Transformation 350In this case, my client was feeling very frustrated that she and her husband, who had just relocated to Hawaii for the third time in five years, couldn’t seem to find the right place to live and their jobs weren’t lining up for them. She didn’t feel that anything was going the way that she wanted it to, no matter how hard she tried. She was exasperated and at her wit’s end.


I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be.
~ Albert Einstein

Suddenly, my mind was catapulted back to the time when I was in this same Pluto-square-Pluto cycle about 20 years ago. It was a time of huge transition and upheaval in my life. I had just moved back to Lemuria with my husband Daniel after living and working in Europe for 9 years. Both of us were trying to establish new careers here and to find a place we could call home. We must have moved six times during that Pluto cycle until we finally found the home that we have now.

I had been an English teacher for nearly 20 years in Hawaii and in Switzerland, and I felt it was what I should continue to do, yet I was encountering frustrating experiences trying to find a teaching position that I liked and even went through all the motions to open my own language school but just couldn’t seem to make a go of it. Had we made the right move? I felt like nothing seemed to fit any more.


Completions Leading to New BeginningsKarinna 2013 BMS Expo 250

Out of the blue, it seemed, a new path of spirituality opened for me that began to draw me in. It began with a sore shoulder that I had and couldn’t get relief, so I began investigating, learning and practicing alternative healing modalities. I felt myself and the world around me being completely transformed by new ways of thinking and began seeing myself and my life around me in completely new ways.

Eventually, this path led me to the master healer, Kahu Fred Sterling and the modality he founded called Signature Cell Healing. I became a practitioner/trainer and for many years thereafter, I managed a spiritual book publishing company and coordinated international healing workshop events. It wouldn’t have occurred to me to do something like that prior to that Pluto cycle. It required me to take some huge “leaps of faith” and to continue to focus on a positive outcome for the completion of that transformation to occur.


HawaiianIslands 300We become what we pay attention to.
~ Sue Monk Kidd

As we gathered in the Lemurian Wisdom Circle that night, there was rain, thunder and lightning outside as a huge hurricane was nearing our islands. People outside of our gathering were preparing for whatever the storm would bring. In the circle, we joined in a meditation and saw our beloved Hawaiian islands--the mountaintops of ancient Lemuria--glowing in a golden light of love, surrounded in peace, calm and beauty. Then I asked them to see that golden light emanating out from our islands. We did not try to change the path of the storm, instead we focused on that loving light surrounding our beloved islands. The storm, which was called Kilo, meaning astrologer, star gazer, or reader of omens in the Hawaiian language, eventually completed her journey in the vicinity of our islands and continued west on her own path. 


I send you aloha from my heart and pray you enjoy the journey of consciously creating a beautiful experience of completions and new beginnings this month!

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In love and Lemurian blessings,



An Overview of the Celestial Energies of September 2015

Watch for Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Regulus, the heart-star of the Lion in the morning sky this month!150910 VenusWithMarsMoonAtFirstGate

    • September 5: Venus Stations Direct at 14 Leo, 10:29pm HST, 4:29am EST (9/6) - Venus stations direct and completes the retrograde part of her new cycle, which began July 25, 2015. Now in her new synodic cycle in the sign of Leo, her preparation is complete for her journey into the Underworld, as told in the ancient Sumerian legend of Inanna.
    • September 10: Venus at the 1st Gate with the Moon and Mars at 14 Leo. Rise early to see this beautiful gathering in the eastern sky about 80 minutes before sunrise. Inanna (Venus) is now passing through the 1st gate on her journey into the Underworld. Each of the 7 or 8 gates relates to the chakras, and this first gate, know as the Gate of Authority represents the violet, crown chakra. It is here that she surrenders her crown to the gatekeeper (the Moon), symbolizing the surrender of the blocks to her connection to her spiritual self.
    • September 12: New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse 20 Virgo at 8:41pm HST, 2:41am EST (9/13) This eclipse opens the "eclipse" window which will be open until the Super Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse on Sept 27. Eclipses are portals of accelerated energy where we can place our clear and heartfelt intentions for accelerated manifestation.  Eclipse info here
    • September 17: Mercury Retrograde at 15 Libra 55' at 8:10 am HST, 2:10 pm EST until October 9, 2015. At MercuryRetro 300the retrograde station, When Mercury stations retrograde, there is a time that is considered the Still Point, You can meditate into this still-point for insights and guidance through this retrograde cycle. This is another Mercury retrograde cycle in one of the Air signs, this time in Libra, putting a focus on balancing our relationships and creating conscious and equal partnerships. Listen to the Mercury retrograde teleconference recording for a meditation into the still point. (Right-click to download.)
      Read more and get the dates for this retrograde cycle in Mercury Retrograde - This is Worth Knowing  and Left Brain - Right Brain: Balancing Mercury Retrograde
    • September 18: Saturn moves into Sagittarius -  Saturn, the planet representing structure and form, responsibilities and our creative encounter with conditions or limits, will move into the archetypal sign of Sagittarius, bringing a focus to the quest for truth and meaning and exploring how we define our reality over the next 2 1/2 years. Where is this happening in your blueprint?    Discover how Saturn's journey through Sagittarius will affect you!
    • September 20: Venus brightest in the morning sky at -4.5 magnitude. Watch for the Goddess Light of Venus with Mars (quite dim--you have to search for him!), Jupiter and Regulus, the heart-star of the Lion in a spectacular celestial dance in the morning sky! More at
    • September 22: Sun enters Libra – Fall (Vernal) Equinox at 10:21pm HST, 4:21am EDT (9/23)– At this time of the equinoxes equinox Stonehenge edit(Spring and Fall) the days and nights are at equal length and the Sun rises and sets over the Earth's equator at an exact east or west point, opening a solar doorway for meditation and ceremony to connect into the ancient mysteries. At this time of the Great Shift or the Turning of the Ages, the September equinox opens a solar gateway aligned with the north galactic pole. It is through this gateway that light codes for our ascension are reaching our planet.     More on the equinox at
    • September 24: Meditation for Mother Earth, 9pm your local time - Our meditation is a loving celebration of Mother Earth every month three nights prior to the full moon. In meditation we are activating the photon energy around Mother Earth and holding her in Love. 
      Discover more here.
      Listen to a guided meditation you can download and use on  September 24. (Right-click on the link to download.)
    • September 24: Pluto stations direct at 12 Cap 58 at 8:58pm HST, 2:58am EST (9/25). The transformer, Pluto, will be square (90 degree angle) to retrograde Mercury as it stations direct. (See the story in the article above for an example of a Pluto cycle.) Pluto in Capricorn is a powerful force of change of old structures, government system, and even old thought patterns that we have. There is a long still point with the Pluto stationing direct (because it moves so slowly) which you can access in meditation to gain a deeper understanding of what Pluto's direct motion in Capricorn means for you. Find out how Pluto in Capricorn is impacting your blueprint.
    • September 27: Super Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse at 4 Aries at 4:47pm HST / 10:47pm EST LunarEclipse 300For this very significant eclipse, the full moon is at perigee, or closest to the Earth, amplifying the effect of this eclipse. Some are calling this "the biggest eclipse of a lifetime" since this will be one of the closest perigee full moons and the totality of the eclipse occurs about an hour prior to the exact point of perigee.

This will also be a very long eclipse with totality lasting about 1 hour and 11 minutes.  There is also the impact of it being the fourth and final of four Blood Moon Total Lunar eclipses. [Photo: Mahalo, Tom Telfer]

Eclipses create portals of accelerated energy as we go through all phases of the Moon's cycle--from full to new and back to full again--in just a few hours rather than the usual 28 1/2 days.

The moon will also be conjunct the South Node of the Moon in this eclipse. On a global scale, the south node represents the collective karma and past energies of our Earth plane. (Remember that in a lunar eclipse, we are looking at the shadow of the Earth projected onto the Full Moon.) The eclipse offers an opportunity "see the Earth's shadow" of all that has taken place in our world in order to release the past and move on toward our collective destiny. On a personal level, we have an opportunity to focus on integrating our own shadow and releasing past issues no longer serving us at this time. 

It is important to be centered, focused and have your intentions clear as you create a ceremony during this portal of accelerated energy during the eclipse. The power of manifestation is amplified during the eclipse window and you would want to be in a loving weave of like-minded energies or celebrating on your own. Have your masterminds and heartfelt statements of intention ready!  

Here's further info on the eclipses and the timing in your area from

Super Full Blood Moon Eclipse info

Super Full Moon info
Harvest Full Moon info


Have a great month!