Welcome to February, the month in which we celebrate love and Valentine’s Day! This year, the dance of love will not only play out in our lives here on Earth, but also above us as Venus and Mars draw closer and closer together in the western evening sky just after sunset.


As Above, So Below; As Within, So Surrounds

With this rare alignment of Venus, representing the divine feminine, and Mars, representing the divine masculine, we have an opportunity this month to honor the reflection of these aspects within ourselves. We will also see this later this year in late August through November, yet at this time, from the beginning of February until the middle of March, Mars and Venus will be within 10 degrees of each other in the evening sky, creating a dance of sacred union for us to celebrate an honored partnership of wholeness and balance in our own lives.


Two Of Hearts

Balancing the sacred feminine and sacred masculine within

Considering also that the number 2 in Lemurian Numerology represents balance and bringing the yin/yang, male/female energies into a light of love and oneness, this second month of the year holds great potential for us to see the “wholyness” of the divinity within us all.

Honoring the Goddess Light in Lemuria and Now

In ancient Lemurian times, the cycle of the planet Venus was honored in mass ceremonies and meditations celebrating the Goddess Light at the various phases of her cycle. Can you imagine how the Lemurians would have celebrated this particular configuration that we have unfolding now in our evening skies?




mars venus

Venus and Mars with the Crescent Moon


Venus and Mars are at their most exact alignment on February 21, yet the night before on February 20, Mars will be with Venus as she passes through the Gate of Personal Power, the third gate in her journey out of the Underworld, as told in the ancient legend of Inanna (Venus). It is here that she meets with the gatekeeper (the crescent Moon) and reclaims her personal power, representing the re-empowerment of the yellow third chakra. Wow! What a night to create a ceremony honor the balance of the divine feminine and divine masculine within, to reclaim our own personal power and to shift into a higher frequency of love and oneness!

Where does this beautiful dance of love play out in your blueprint for this lifetime?


Celebrating the Celestial Energies

Venus and Mars As you celebrate the celestial energies this month, know that through your focused intention in ceremonies and meditations, you are consciously creating a sacred union of the divine feminine and masculine within you—an honored partnership that loves you “wholely” for who you are right now, this very moment.



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February Celestial Highlights

Look for Venus and Mars all month together in the west right after sunset

    • February 3/4: Full Moon at 14 Leo
    • Friday the 13th of February: Celebrate a day dedicated to the Goddess Light!
    • February 18: Sun enters Pisces bringing a focus on healing, compassion, dreaming and imagination. And ....Super New Moon at perigee (closest to Earth) 1:47pm Hawaii/ 6:47pm Eastern in the last degree of Aquarius. The lunar energy will be at maximum intensity and could impact tides and weather patterns.
    • February 19: Happy Chinese New Year of the Ram – Kung Hee Fat Choy – May good fortune come your way! And...Mars enters Aries until March 31. Projects and energies moving forward!
    • February 20/21: Venus and Mars will be exactly conjunct (at the same degree) on the night of February 21, yet they will be within 1°on the night of February 20 and will be joined by the crescent Moon, creating the meeting at the third Gate of Personal Power in the ancient legend of Inanna, which follows the Venus cycle.  A fabulous display of unity and oneness in the western evening sky!