The energies of October are aligning for a dynamic focus on creating what it is you desire in your life. Beginning with Mercury, the planet of perceptions and communications, still retrograde early in the month, giving us an opportunity to be ready to focus on our intentions, like pulling back an arrow in a bow and letting it fly when Mercury stations direct. In addition, there will be a morning-sky “dance of the planets” Mars, Jupiter and Venus, and all five of the visible planets shining in our skies this month.

Conscious Creation in Lemuria

The ancient Lemurians were well-versed in the art of deliberate manifestation as their entire society was guided by the Ten Principles of Consciously Creating, reintroduced to our world by Master Guide Kirael, through the mediumship of Kahu Fred Sterling. In October, the tenth month of the year, we are KahuFredSterling 10Principles 300reminded of the power of these 10 Principles, from the first Principle of Truth to the tenth Principle of Masterminding, we become aware that in truth, there is no separation in our oneness with all that is. [Graphic courtesy of Kahu Fred Sterling]

The loving Truth of the Lemurians, their understanding that they were the Creator’s Light incarnate, moved their society from 3rd to 4th to 5th-dimensional awareness. Just as in Lemuria, we are also evolving, and it is our focused intention that takes us—and our planet—to the next level of love. I became aware of this in a very personal way recently.


What’s it Like in the Next Dimension?

One morning as I awoke, I was in the midst of one of those dreams in which you know you’re dreaming right before you open your eyes. I was walking into a room where my family was sitting around a coffee table, and they were talking about my mother, Aileen, who passed into the Creator’s Light one year ago last month.  Video of Aileen's healing story

I couldn’t exactly understand what they were saying, so I asked, “Well, where is she?” Everyone pointed to the adjacent room. When I walked into the room, I saw my mother, who looked like she did when she was younger, laying on a mattress on the floor. So, I laid down next to her, and in that instant I realized that I was not lying next to her, she was lying next to *me* in *my* bed at that moment.


Breakfast in the 4th DimensionBirthdayFlowers 300

Wow! It was so clear! I immediately got up, went to my morning meditation space and got into meditation. There she was. Right there. In meditation, she took me to see where she is now. She showed me a fabulous garden that she had planted with amazing flowers that were huge and so colorful.

“This is beautiful!” I said. “Do you grow any food, or do you just grow flowers?”

“Oh, we don’t need to grow food.” she answered without saying a word. I just heard it in my mind and knew. Then she proceeded to show me a nearby pond where I saw other “light-beings” gathered around. There was algae growing in the pond—blue, red and green algae. They had gathered there to partake in their meal.

Oct15 4thLightPond


“This is where we gather, and this is what we eat.” she said. I knew at that moment that I had traveled into another reality that was very close to us now. My mother had chosen to go there to be closer to our world—for now. The arrival of a new awareness of love on our planet—the Great Shift—is something I have been learning about and exploring in meditations for years, and here it was: the next dimension.


Choosing a Limitless Reality

Of course, that is an experience that I will never forget, and it helped me to remember what the Lemurians knew: that there really is no separation between ourselves and All That Is. I understand now in a very tangible way that there truly are no limits to our awareness—and to our creation—unless we choose to place them there.

We may choose to limit ourselves in a particular way, yet we can also choose to release our self-imposed limits and recognize just how boundless our reality can truly be. We can look at our potential to create as limitless and recognize ourselves as the Creator--Love incarnate.

Oct15 KahanaValley


Shifting Something with Your Loving Intent

These days, there is often a focus on the ills of our world and prophecies of “gloom and doom,” yet focusing on what is happening in our world with loving intent can also shift the energy. In quantum physics it is known that focusing on a particle changes it in response to the observer. So, let’s extend this to holding a focus of love and compassion with the intent of elevating the frequency of love and shifting our world.

What do you choose to create for yourself today? The point of your greatest empowerment is the present moment. What thoughts, what energy will you use right now to create your life or your world as you desire it to be?

May you enjoy the energies of October and the abundant Love of Creation in your life!

In love and Lemurian blessings,


Celestial Events Overview for October 2015


This Month's Bonus for Early-Risers!

2015 oct 9 moon mercury jupiter venusAll five of the visible planets will grace our skies in the month of October! This includes a very special and rare “dance of the planets” in the early morning sky in October and into November. Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter will be visible in the early morning sky trhoughout the month in varous formations that will dazzle early-risers! 

The Great Shift in a Big Way with a Saturn Return

Saturn will be visible in the evening sky, now moving through the constellation of Scorpius Heads of for anyone with natal Saturn in the archetypal sign of Sagittarius: you have come to or will soon be coming into--as I am--your "Saturn return." This can be a remarkable, life-shifting time of resetting the structures and forms of your life and beginning something new, and it happens for all around the ages of 29-30, 58-60, and 88-89.

Find out more in your Lemurian Astrology Reading (and you can hear the story of my 1st Saturn return!)

October Celestial Energies and Commentary

  • October 6: Sun square Pluto (13 Libra – 13 Capricorn): This important transit is in effect for three days (from Oct. 5-7), and harkens back to the Cardinal Grand Cross of last year at 13 ° Libra, Aries, Capricorn and Cancer. If you have planets, angles or nodes near 13 degrees in any of these signs, you would like to be especially aware of this timing. The Sun in Libra is focusing us on balancing our relationships and creating conscious and equal partnerships. Pluto in Capricorn is still focused WEBvic15 Oct09moon exposing, surrendering and releasing old structures and worn-out patterns. This is on a personal level, yet also includes—as it did in the recent and still powerful Uranus-Pluto square—old worn-out ideas, customs and beliefs as well as governments and laws that no longer serve our evolving global community.
  • October 7, 8 & 9: Mars and Jupiter conjunct the Moon with Venus in the morning sky, continuing the beautiful dance of the planets and powerful alignment of planets. On the morning of October 9, the Moon, Mars and Jupiter will be within a circle of about 4 degrees in the morning sky.
  • October 8: Venus is at the 2nd Gate in her journey into the Underworld in her new cycle in Leo, representing radical self-love. It’s a very powerful time as Venus enters Virgo at 7:29am HST/ 1:29pm EST and is conjunct the moon and the heart-star of the Lion, Regulus, which represents the pathway to the Hall of Records—also the ancient wisdom and the “hall of records” within us.

This is the second Venus-Moon conjunction since Venus rose as a morning star in August of this year. In the ancient legend of Inanna, which tracks the cycle of Venus, Inanna, the Queen of Heaven and Earth (Venus) now arrives at the 2nd gate (conjunction with the Moon) on her journey into the Underworld.

This gate, known as the Gate of Perception, represents the indigo, 6th (third-eye) chakra. It is here that Inanna surrenders her ceremonial lapis earrings, which represent the release of any blocks to connecting to her/our spiritual vision and the ability to manifest spirit into matter.

Enjoy the beauty of this morning-sky alignment by creating a ceremony! Wear an indigo scarf, use blue crystals and surrender any blocks to creating magic in your life!
Discover more about the Venus cycle and your Lemurian Goddess Light in a Lemurian Goddess Reading.

Venus will also be occulted (Not creepy--just means "eclipsed") by the Moon at 10:01 HST/ 4:01 EST. (Visible in Australia and New Zealand.)

  • October 9: Moon, Mars and Jupiter in a close formation--about 4 degrees apart in the morning sky.MercuryRetro 300

Mercury stations direct at 00° 54’ Libra after having been retrograde since September 17, 2015. At the direct station of Mercury there is a brief “still point” at 4: 57am HST/ 10:57am EST, prior to Mercury changing apparent motion in our skies.

You can access the still point of Mercury’s direct station in meditation to place your intentions for this new cycle of Mercury, representing our perceptions, communications and creative thinking processes, and together with the North node of the Moon, aligning with our (and humanity’s) destiny and the north galactic pole.

Meditation into the still point. (Right click on the link to download)  Read more in the articles: 

Left Brain-Right Brain: Balancing Mercury Retrograde  

Mercury Retrograde: Thsi is Worth Knowing

  • October 12: New Moon at 19° Libra 20' at 2:06pm HST, 8:06pm EST, with a focus on planting the new seeds of creation of conscious and equal partnerships and how we can create balance in our lives.
  • October 13:  Uranus is opposite the Sun (18° Aries - 18 Libra), creating a huge opportunity for releasing old patterns and trying something unique and new. Where is this happening for you on your chart? That will be the area where you have opportunities to let go and allow for creativity, the unexpected and spontaneous change.
  • October 16: Mercury at greatest elongation (18 degrees) in the morning sky. Still not that easy to see, but if you have a low horizon, you may be able to see the "celestial messenger."2015 october 16 mercury venus mars jupiter
  • October 17: Mars conjunct Jupiter (14° Virgo) in the early morning eastern sky--with Venus nearby! Jupiter is amplifying and expanding the energy of the divine masculine within all of us--males as well as females--in the archetypal sign of Virgo, the energy of reverent co-creation with the sacred patterns of life on Mother Earth with Venus--representing the divine feminine--also nearby.
  • October 20-22: Orionid Meteor Shower – These are possibly the best nights for this popular meteor shower, which comes from the debris of the famous Halley’s Comet. Look for the constellation of Orion; the meteors will come out of Orion’s hand. Meteors become visible in the late evening (after moonset around midnight) and best times are in the pre-dawn hours on October 21 and 22.  More info on

Also, look for the dance of the planets to continue as Venus, Jupiter and Mars are in a close formation in the early morning, eastern sky, with Mercury low on the eastern horizon

  • October 23: Sun enters the archetypal sign of Scorpio until November 22: Sun in Scorpio focuses on feeling the depths of the Scorpio mysteries of life-force energy, death and rebirth, feeling the full range of emotions with no attachments to the results and going for passion, intensity, and bliss.InsideDiamondHead 300
  • October 24: Meditation for Mother Earth, 9pm your local time. Our meditation is a loving celebration of Mother Earth every month three nights prior to the full moon. In meditation, we send our light to Diamond Head and activate the photon energy surrounding Mother Earth and hold her in Love.

Discover more here.
Listen to a guided meditation you can download and use on September 24. (Right-click on the link to download.)

  • October 24- 25: Venus conjunct Jupiter in the morning sky. Spectacular alignment of Venus and Jupiter within one degree at 15° Virgo 38’ and Mars also within 4 degrees at 19° Virgo 01’, creating a beautiful alignment of planets in the morning sky.
  • October 26: Venus will be at greatest elongation at 46.4 degrees (furthest distance from the Sun) Venus will be high in the sky and very close to Jupiter and Mars in the pre-dawn sky.2015 november 1 three planets
  • October 27: Cross-Quarter, Full Moon at 3° Taurus 45 at 8:06am Eastern, very close to perigee, so also, like last month, a larger moon that usual. Cross quarter is on November 1 and represents the mid-way point between the September Equinox and the December Solstice.
  • October 28: Venus, Jupiter and Mars within 4 degrees in the early morning, eastern sky. A fabulous alignment of planets to round out the month! Early-Risers delight! This celestial trio of planets will be in a very close triangle formation in the morning sky from now on into November 2015. Also there will be the heart-star of the Lion, Regulus which represents the Sphinx and the Hall of Records.  More info at

Have a great month!


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