Engaging and Participating with the Energies of the Great Shift

Are you feeling the energies of March rising, compelling us into a walk of healing, transformation and evolutionary growth?

Since I sent out my earlier March article, clients have shared—and I have also personally felt—the shifting energies and the love flowing onto our planet in support of Mother Earth’s ascension and our Great Shift.

As we move toward the 7th Pluto-Uranus Square, Super New Moon Solar Eclipse, March Equinox and Venus at the 4th Gate next week, I thought I’d remind everyone of the timing of these dynamic events, so you’ll be ready to engage, participate with and celebrate the energies. [Photo by NASA.gov]


Creating a New Vision of Love for Ourselves and Mother Earth

In support of our collective journey through the energies of March 2015, there was a special free conference call meditation on Thursday, March 19 to release old programs of the past and worn-out ways that are no longer working for us and to consciously create a new vision of love for ourselves and for our planet.  Click here and scroll down for the recording of this meditation.

This special meditation will move us into the eclipse window, which is open from the time of the Super New Moon Solar Eclipse of the Equinox Sun on March 19/20 until it closes with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on April 4. We will then move through the portal of the Spring Equinox and focus on the Venus-Mars-Moon alignment and higher levels of the heart energy, forging a connection into the 4th-dimensional ascension energies of balanced love. (If you cannot join us live, a recording of the meditation will be available.)  More info here


March19 20 2015 SuperMoon Solar eclipse 300

The Energies of March: Moving into the Eclipse Window

As we walk into the eclipse window, we honor our completions at the Super New Moon Solar Eclipse of the Equinox Sun at 29 degrees, 27 minutes of Pisces—the very end of the zodiac. The path of totality of this eclipse (indicated by the blue lines in the graphic to the left) is like an opening of the crown chakra of Mother Earth allowing us to pour love inside. With the New Moon at perigee, or closest to Earth, there are often more extreme tidal energies and out-of-the-ordinary weather patterns, so it is a time to hold Mother Earth and ourselves in a balanced state of love. [Eclipse image by Fred Espenak]


Entering the Portal of the Spring Equinox

From the eclipse window, we enter the portal of the Spring Equinox on March 20 at 0 degrees Aries, a powerful new beginning point of the zodiac where we can focus on new creations and dedicate our heartfelt intentions in the balance of night and day (equi-nox). Eclipses are rarely this close to an equinox point, so it creates a special opportunity to engage the energies.


Activating the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Within You

The portal of the Equinox energies is immediately followed by the alignment of Venus, Mars and the Moon in the 2015 march 22 venus mars moon night sky chart 300western evening sky just after sunset. On March 21, the Moon will be with Mars, activating the divine masculine within us all. Then on March 22 the Moon will be with Venus activating the divine feminine within. 

This particular meeting of Venus with the Moon represents the 4th gate—The Gate of Compassion, in the ancient legend of Inanna's shamanic journey into and out of the Underworld. The 4th gate represents the green heart chakra, and it is here that we are reclaiming the power of our emotions to love ourselves and others unconditionally. Enjoy this beautiful trinity formation and send your loving intentions through the center in Truth, Trust and Passion.


Holding a Vision of Love

Blessings to all for a dynamic week of truly unique Great Shift energies, a perfect opportunity to dedicate your intentions and to hold a vision for Mother Earth and your life as you desire them to be!

Discover how these events impact your blueprint for this lifetime and how you can navigate the energies this month. Enjoy March Special Discounts on Lemurian readings, Signature Cell Healing sessions and Lemurian Awakening experiences. Read more

Sending you Love and Lemurian blessings,



Here is a reminder of what’s up next week

    • March 16: The seventh Pluto – Uranus square since 2012 exact at 4:50pm Hawaii/6:50 Pacific/ 10:50pm Eastern/2:50am UTC (3/17)/ 3:50am (3/17)Central Europe Read more
    • March 19: Free Conference Call/Meditation Event: 3pm Hawaii /6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern/1am (3/20) UTC/12noon Sydney More info here
    • March 19/20: Super Moon Total Solar Eclipse of the Equinox Sun at 29° 27’ Pisces at 11:45pm Hawaii / 1:45am (3/20) Pacific/5:45am (3/20) Eastern /9:45am (3/20) UTC, opening an eclipse window to the April 4 full moon lunar eclipse. More info and map
    • March 22: Venus at the 4th gate –The Gate of Compassion in the western evening sky just after sunset, representing the heart chakra and reclaiming the power to love ourselves and others compassionately. Read about celebrating the cycle of Venus
    • Eclipse window open until April 4: Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, third in the tetrad, or series of 4 consecutive total lunar eclipses and blood-red Moons at 14 ° Libra exact at 2:00 am Hawaii / 4:00am Pacific / 8:00am Eastern /12:00 noon UTC April Lunar eclipse timing