Energies of Love and Transformation 

in March 2015

If you felt that the events and energies of the past month have presented some sizable challenges, (as I did!), in March we will also see some unique and powerful energies, beginning with a beautiful Full Moon in Virgo, then later, the 7th Pluto-Uranus square, a new moon solar eclipse just hours before the Spring Equinox and Venus at the 4th Gate of Compassion. The question is…what does this have to do with Lemuria? [Photo by NASA.gov ]

As Above, So Below; As Within, So Surrounds

The ancient Lemurians walked their lives with the awareness that the stars and the planets in the skies above them were reflections of the love within them. There was an interactive flow of energies between celestial events in the “As Above” and the “So Below” of the Lemurians on Earth.

Before incarnating for a lifetime on Earth, the Lemurians carefully watched for an alignment of the celestial energies that would manifest the blueprint that they had in mind for a particular time in the Great Unfolding of life on this planet. Just as the Lemurians chose their time to be born, we have also chosen to be here now to participate in the Great Shift in Consciousness as it unfolds in our world.

DiamondHeadSunset 300The 7th Pluto square Uranus: Let the Truth Be Told

One of the harbingers of this Great Shift is the March 16 alignment of the 7th Pluto-Uranus square since 2012,—a rare number of such aspects—opening a week filled with opportunities for healing and transformation. The number 7 in Lemurian numerology is the number for transition and the square aspect (90 degrees) is said to evoke “crisis in action.” With Pluto, the shamanic transformer, exposing the shadow so that it can be healed, and Uranus, the agent of unexpected and novel change, we can expect the unexpected. The hidden truth of institutions and organizations that are no longer sustainable or serving the common good will be faced with destruction or transformation and evolution. It is a worldwide time of monumental change.

Surrendering to the Changes

Because Pluto and Uranus are “outer planets” in our skies, we are not able to actually go out and see the Pluto square Uranus with the naked eye as we could with the Venus and Mars conjunction last month, yet we can feel the effect of these agents of change in current events and perhaps we may be feeling the effects in our own lives. This is a time of breaking free of old patterns and beliefs that no longer serve us and re-empowering ourselves with new thoughts and new possibilities. How much has changed in your life since 2012? Where the Pluto-Uranus square, or any of the powerful energies of March are in your own blueprint or natal chart will say a lot about what you intended to experience and to heal at this point in the Great Shift. 

Summer Solstice Sunrise over Stonehenge 2005 350


New Moon Solar Eclipse followed by the Spring Equinox

Then on March 19/20, a new Moon solar eclipse at 29 degrees Pisces—the very last degree of the zodiac, emphasizing completions leading to the new beginning of the spring equinox at 0 degrees Aries just hours later on March 20.

New moons are an excellent time to plant the seeds of your intentions for the new cycle of the Moon, and eclipses create a portal opening that allows us to see new possibilities and to energize the intentions we have for change in our lives. This eclipse will be especially powerful just before the March equinox, a solar gateway celebrated by the ancients as the balance between the light and the dark, when the day and the night are of equal length (equi-nox). The spring equinox is the beginning of a new cycle in which the light overtakes, or merges with the darkness to move toward the longer days of summer.ThreeOfHearts TrinityOfTTP


Balance: The Trinity of Truth, Trust and Passion

Supporting our healing journey through these energies is our entry into the third month of the year with the number 3 in Lemurian Numerology representing the Trinity of Truth, Trust and Passion. Place anything into the center of this trinity to bring it into balance, for love is always found in the center of the trinity. What is the Truth of the situation? Can you Trust your Truth? And if so, bring your Passion to it and watch everything begin to come into balance.


Inanna (Venus) at the 4th Gate – The Gate of Compassion

Venus Moon 300

To round up a week filled with powerful energies in the loving grace of the Goddess Light, look west after sunset on March 22, to see Venus with the crescent moon at the 4th gate of Compassion, representing the green, heart chakra. In the ancient legend of Inanna, this represents Inanna’s (Venus’) meeting with the gatekeeper at the 4th gate in her journey of re-empowerment coming out of the Underworld. In ceremony with Venus this night, we can also reclaim the power of our heart chakra and our emotions to love ourselves and others compassionately.


The Balanced Love of Goddess Light

In this month of transformative energies, I pray that you can feel a force of balanced love awakening on this planet, and it’s called the Goddess Light—the divine feminine within all of us, male or female. At times of the great shifts in the consciousness, the Goddess Light awakens within the hearts of the people to announce and to assist in a great shift from one dimension to the next.


FatherJohnMichaelONeal March2015BllogArticle 300The Mother Goddess

I recently came across the story of a Catholic Priest who had a near death experience. He actually was pronounced clinically dead, yet they managed to keep the blood flowing to his brain, restart his heart and bring him back to consciousness. When he came back, he recounted that he had gone to the Light, seen the Creator, and She was a woman!

This is completely understandable in my view as I also do not see the Creator’s Light as an energy that sits in judgment of us. I see a great Mothering energy—a Goddess Light—that loves us and nurtures our growth and evolution no matter what we choose. It is a universal force of unconditional Love that can heal anything, restores balance in the most chaotic world and brings peace and harmony to any situation.


Choose LoveChooseLove

How will we make it through these challenging times? By choosing love at every opportunity and letting love prevail in our hearts and minds. Surrender to new ideas, be inspired by new thoughts, be willing to look at the shadow that comes forth and know that change is possible when we have hope and open our hearts to the guidance for the next steps in our evolutionary journeys.

Meditation becomes a key tool of balance at this time in the Great Shift. In our monthly Meditation for Mother Earth, we are using a new prana breathing technique to take the level of our brain waves down from Beta to Alpha and into Theta and to feel the core of our heart light and connect it to Mother Earth's. Please feel free to use this meditation any time you feel the need for centering and balance. (Click here for a audio with the meditation technique at 11:35 or right click to download.)

Let us hold a vision for a new world on this planet, a reality based in love without fear and begin to consciously allow that vision to unfold. Hold the balance in the fullness of your heart and never feel that you are alone. Stand in love and let your truth be told.


An Overview of the Celestial Energies of March 2015

    • March 2: Meditation for Mother Earth at 9pm your local time
    • March 5: Full Moon at 14 degrees Virgo at 8:05am Hawaii/6:05pm UCT Celebrate your completions!  The Virgo Full Moon reads the energies of the weaves and asks,"What is my sacred work?"
    • March 16: The seventh Pluto – Uranus square since 2012 exact at 4:50pm Hawaii/ 6:50 Pacific/ 10:50pm Eastern/ 2:50am UTC (3/17)/ 3:50am (3/17)Central Europe
    • March 19/20: New Moon Solar Eclipse at 29° 27' Pisces at 11:45pm Hawaii / 1:45am (3/20) Pacific /5:45am (3/20)Eastern / 9:45am (3/20) UTC, opening an eclipse window to the April 4 full moon lunar eclipse.
    • March 20: March Equinox as the Sun moves to 0° Aries at 12:45pm Hawaii / 3:45pm Pacific / 6:45pm Eastern / 10:45pm UTC
    • March 22: Venus at the 4th gate --The Gate of Compassion in the western evening sky just after sunset, representing the heart chakra and reclaiming the power to love ourselves and others compassionately.

And a heads up for April 2015!

    • April 1: Meditation for Mother Earth at 9pm your local time
    • April 4: Eclipse window closes with Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, third in the tetrad or series of 4 consecutive total lunar eclipses and a blood-red moons at 14° Libra, exact at 2:00 am Hawaii/4:00am Pacific/ 8:00am Eastern/12:00 noon UTC

Sending you Love and Lemurian blessings,