As Above, So Below; As Within, So Surrounds
~The Emerald Tablet of Hermes~

The archetypal sign of Cancer represents the Mother Goddess energy of nurturing, unconditional love. Each year, as the Sun reaches the June Solstice point of 0° Cancer, there is a shift into energy of the Mother Goddess once again.

This month, the return of the Mother Goddess will be amplified by the Goddess light of Venus with the Moon and Jupiter at the Gate of Authority in a spectacular evening sky alignment as Venus reclaims her crown and her divine authority as Queen of Heaven and Earth within the Solstice window.

These celestial events along with the end of Mercury retrograde and Neptune beginning its retrograde cycle energize a “masterful,” sixth month of June with abundant opportunities to celebrate the Goddess Light in the skies above us and to activate the love within us on the Earth below.



MercuryRetro 300Mercury Direct, Neptune Retrograde

Many will be happy to hear that the Mercury retrograde cycle which began on May 18 will come to closure on June 11 when it stations direct at 4° Gemini. The direct station creates a “still point”  for the direction of Mercury to shift—just as it did when it stationed retrograde last month.

There will be another ( ! ) still point created the very next day when Neptune stations retrograde on June 12. Neptune is the energy of the visionary dreamer with the power to create and to manifest in the field of limitless possibilities. Enjoy your meditations through the portal of this still point to access the right brain energies of retrograde Neptune's dreaming and inspired manifestation!


Inanna (Venus) at the 7th Gate—the Gate of Authority150619 20 21 Venus jupiter at 7thGate

Throughout the month, the planets Venus and Jupiter, together with the star Regulus, also known as the Heart of the Lion, draw their lights closer and closer in the western evening sky in a rare and very special alignment.

On June 19/20, Venus will pass through the 7th gate—the Gate of Authority—in her shamanic journey out of the Underworld as told in the ancient legend of Inanna. It is here that she meets the gatekeeper (the Moon) to reclaim her crown of Divine Authority, symbolizing her reconnection to her spiritual self, to her divine Goddess Light and to her role as Queen of Heaven and Earth.

Within the energy of the approaching solstice in a spectacular tribute to the Goddess Light, Venus and the Moon will be joined by the benevolent light of Jupiter, bearing witness to Venus’ coronation. All of this happening in the archetypal sign of Leo, the energy radiant and divine self-love.

This activation is an auspicious time to create ceremonies and meditations relating to the 7th chakra—lighting lavender candles, wearing your violet scarf and chanting Om! Celebrate this initiation by joining the next teleconference event for a special guided meditation through the 7th gate and into the Solstice portal.

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The Return of the Mother Goddess Light

Solstice Sunrise 350Following this sparkling planetary alignment of Venus at the 7th gate, the Sun reaches 0° Cancer on June 21 and the Summer Solstice unfolds. (Winter Solstice in the southern hemisphere). It is at this point each year that the Sun returns to the archetypal sign of Cancer—the sign of the Great Mother Goddess, the nurturing and balanced love that is committed to providing a safe space for all to grow and to evolve, reminding us of the loving Goddess Light within all of us—male or female.

The exact timing of the Solstice actually occurs at the center point of a three-day window during which the Sun literally “stands still,” rising and setting in the same place on the horizon. This timing was celebrated by the ancients as a powerful still point, opening a portal to receive insights and guidance. The solstice is traditionally a ceremonial time to mark the seasonal passage of time, to dedicate our heartfelt intentions, and to celebrate the love of the Mother Goddess.


Amplifying the Goddess Light

As the month comes to a close, Venus and Jupiter draw closer and closer, culminating in a beautiful conjunction--nearly at the exact same degree in the western evening sky2015 june 30 venus jupiter night sky chart on July 31/ July 1. In the “As Above, So Below” mysteries, where is this powerful alignment occurring in your blueprint—on your natal chart? This is the aspect of your life in which you will experience this loving, expansive and benevolent alignment to your spiritual self. Find out where.


Let the Goddess Light Shine Upon and Within You

May you feel the energy of the Mother Goddess weaving with you this month as you navigate your own personal Goddess Light awakening. Should you desire a reminder of the return of the Goddess Light, simply look up into night sky, for there she will be shining upon you, surrounding you in love. Take some deep prana breaths, meditate, celebrate and enjoy!

In love and Lemurian blessings,


“As Above, So Below” Events in the Month of June

    • June 2: Full Moon at 11 degrees 49’ Sagittarius
    • June 12: Neptune stations retrograde at 09°49' Pisces
    • June 16: New Moon at 25° Gemini - “triple conjunction“ with Mars and the Sun
    • June 19/20: Inanna (Venus) at the 7th Gate--the Gate of Authority (Violet, 7th chakra) with the Moon, with Jupiter and Regulus in the western evening sky just after sunset.  Read more about the ancient legend of Inanna
    • June 21: June Solstice - 6:38am HST/12:38pm EDT/ 16:38 UTC
    • June 24: Chiron stations retrograde at 21° 33; Pisces. Retrograde in Pisces until November 28, 2015 (16° 56' Pisces)
    • June 30: Venus- Jupiter conjunction: 0.3 degrees apart at 20° 34' Leo – Fabulous spectacle in the evening sky! Good fortune, benevolence and inspiration. Where is this occurring on your natal chart? That’s the aspect of your life in which you will experience this.
    • July 1: Full Moon at 09° 55' Capricorn-- the first of two full moons in July