Venus Stations Retrograde July 25, 2015

If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself  and make a change.    ~ Michael Jackson ~

As we pass the mid-point of the year and “make the turn” into July, there seems to be a tangible shift of the energies. Can you feel it too? Just taking the example of the Supreme Court’s recent decisions, we see huge cultural changes that reflect a world that is transforming before our very eyes.

Likewise above us in the sky this month, another transformation begins to take place. Now, everyone pays attention to Mercury retrograde, but Venus retrograde? Yes, of course! Venus has a retrograde phase to her cycle too. It doesn’t happen as often as Mercury’s, yet it influences the energies and begins a transformative process that we can participate with as well.

Like Mercury retrograde, the retrograde phase of the Venus cycle is a time to shift from the usual left brain, linear way of thinking into a right brain, intuitive and creative way of being. It is a time to active your Goddess Light and to go into your heart for answers. Use your intuition and your emotional body to assist you in understanding the true value of people and relationships in your life. Nurture your knowing.


VenusJjupiterMoon 8thGate july18 2015

Completions and New Beginnings

After Venus has her final meeting with the Moon at the 8th gate, the Gate of Ascension, on July 18, she she goes retrograde on July 25.

During the retrograde phase, there is a completion of her 584-day synodic cycle (18 1/2 months) and a beginning of a new cycle. We will see Venus in the western evening sky, where she has been “dancing” with Regulus and Jupiter, meeting with the Moon at this final "gate", then descending and disappearing into the sunset on August 9, 2015.

Then on August 21, 2015, Venus re-emerges in the morning sky, beginning her new synodic cycle in the archetypal sign of Leo.



The Return of the Goddess Light to the Morning Sky


This auspicious event, known as the heliacal rise of Venus (rising before the Sun), was highly celebrated by the ancients and looked upon as a guide to the passage of time. Many temples and standing stone circles around the planet were built to track this amazing cycle that we can all witness and celebrate.


Venus in Leo: Radiant Self-Love

The sign in which Venus begins her new synodic cycle defines the “overtone” or the archetypal theme that is being integrated into the collective consciousness of humanity. The overtone of the new cycle beginning on August 21 will be the archetype of Leo, representing the Queen or the leading lady with a journey of understanding compassionate love for self and reflecting the divine light within us all. In this new cycle, we have an opportunity to explore accepting and loving ourselves for who we are and activating our inner strength and beauty.


Celebrating the Transformative Power of the Venus Cycle: The Legend of Inanna

Inanna VenusHow will you choose to celebrate and participate the new cycle of Venus as she goes into and comes out of the Underworld on a Shamanic journey of healing and re-empowerment?

Often in my monthly writings, I mention the ancient Sumerian legend of Inanna which tracks the cycle of Venus as she journeys from morning star into the Underworld, re-emerges as an evening star, goes retrograde and then begins her cycle again. We can witness and participate in Inanna’s shamanic journey of release, renewal and re-empowerment through the gates (meetings with the Moon), letting go of what no longer serves us and re-empowering ourselves—both men and woman—in the Goddess Light.


Take the Shamanic Journey with Venus through the Gates

Celebrate this new cycle as Venus emerges as a morning star to begin her journey “down through the gates” representing the 7 chakras. It’s an opportunity that only comes along every 584 days! Enjoy your journey with Venus through her cycle of healing, transformation and empowerment!

In Love and Lemurian blessings,


* Mahalo to Daniel Giamario and Cayelin Castell, Co-founders of the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School for their research of the ancient wisdom of the Venus cycle.

*The story of Inanna comes from "Inanna: Queen of Heaven and Earth ©1983 by Diane Wolkstein and Samuel Noah Kramer, Harper & Row publishers.


The Celestial Energies of July 2015

Venus and Jupiter continue their dance together with Regulus, the heart-star of the Lion, after sunset in the western evening sky throughout this month.

July 1: Full Moon at 9 degrees 55’ Capricorn (First of two Full Moons in July) very close to Pluto at 14degrees 23’ Capricorn, bringing forth themes of transformation of old structures, beliefs and institutions.

July 10: Venus at greatest illumination. Read more

July 11: Free LIVE Teleconference Event with Karinna, "Venus Retrograde: A Time of Transformation": What is Venus retrograde all about?  Is it the same as Mercury retrograde? Where are we in the cycle of Venus? How can we participate with this cycle fo our healing, transformation and evolutionary growth? More info

July 15: New Moon at 23 degrees 14’ Cancer at 3:24pm HST/ 9:24pm EDT. Have your mastermind statements and heartfelt intentions for the new Moon cycle ready to dedicate in ceremony!

July 18: Venus passes through the 8th and final gate of her current cycle, the Gate of Ascension, completing her ascension and reclaiming her role as Goddess Light and Queen of Heaven at 00 degrees Virgo, powerful position in the archetypal sign of the Goddess Priestess. Explore this timing

July 22: Sun enters Leo at 5:30pm HST/11:30pm EDT. Celebrate the energy of radiant self-love!

July 25: Venus retrograde at 12:29am HST/ 5:29am EDT at 00 degrees 46’ Virgo and disappears from the evening sky on August 9, 2015. (see timing below in this article). Venus will be very close to Regulus, the heart-star of the Lion and Jupiter. 

July 25: Free LIVE Teleconference Call Event with Karinna: Using Photon Energy in our Meditation for Mother Earth  Discover more

July 26: Uranus retrograde at 1:38am HST/ 6:38am EDT at 20 degrees 30’ Aries

July 28: Meditation for Mother Earth - Wherever you may be in the world, send your light to Diamond Head at 9pm to join us in holding Mother Earth in love. Find out more

July 31: Second Full Moon this month at 12:42am HST/ 6:43am EDT/ 10:42am UTC at 7 degrees 56’ Aquarius


Venus Retrograde:

June 21, 2015: Venus enters the retrograde zone at 5:53am HST/ 11:53am EDT at 14 degrees 23’ Leo

July 25, 2015: Venus stations retrograde at 12:27am HST/ 5:27am EDT at 00 Virgo

August 22, 2015: Venus rises as morning star at 18 Leo (Heliacal rise)

September 5, 2015: Venus stations direct at 10:27pm HST/ 4:27am EDT (Sept 6) at 14 degrees 23’ Leo

October 9, 2015: Venus leaves the retrograde zone at 6:58am HST/ 11:58am EST at 00 degrees 46’ Virgo