Welcome to 2015, a year of balance!

In Lemurian Numerology, 8 is the number for balance, infinity and living between two realities. We begin the year in January, the "1" month, of course, when the the energy of creation also prevails. There is an excitement that comes with new beginnings in the first month of the year, yet the best strategy for this year may be to focus on creating in balance as much as possible.

In the spirit of balance for the new year, I share with you this Japanese "kadomatsu," a common sight in at the entrance to homes and businesses in our Hawaiian Islands at this time of year.

Balance in Lemuria

What do I mean when I say balance? In Lemuria, the idea of balance was synonymous with the feeling of unconditional Love. When we can feel ourselves in an unconditionally loving space and release the fears that have been holding us back, we will find a balance that allows us to trust that life is unfolding in the most perfect way.

Why is balance so important now?

As we move further into the Great Shift in Consciousness or the Turning of the Age, many are experiencing a feeling of compression and a sense of striving for completions of our third-dimensional lesson plans and blueprints. As in the times of great shifts in consciousness during Lemurian times, the opportunity to vibrate to a higher vibrational experience is there as the portals into the 4th dimension are opening now. This is when healing and maintaining a balanced space of love in our hearts becomes so important.

8 of Hearts

Balancing Between Two Realities

Let’s consider the energy of the number 8 that will be prevailing this year. For just a moment, imagine yourself in the center of the eight where the lines cross and there is an “X”. In this space, you are in balance between the world beneath you and the spirit realms above you. The X also represents the "X" chromosome, and it creates a loving balance of the four bodies—the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of you.

A Meditation on Balance

Now, take a deep prana breath and draw the golden particles of the Creator’s Light around the top of the eight, through your crown chakra and into your heart. Feel your heart opening into the balance of love. Then with your next breath, send the energy from your heart down into Mother Earth and feel it come back to you in love. Take a moment to feel the centering space that creates. This circular motion is the nature of the 8 energy that will be prevailing this year.


Infinity: Sending and Receiving in Loveinfinity-symbol

Another aspect of the number 8 is that when it is laid on its side it becomes the infinity symbol. In this energy, how you send something out—a thought, communications or an expression of your feelings, for example--will be the way that it returns to you.

To understand how this feels, imagine yourself standing in the center of the infinity symbol. See yourself sending the energy out with your right hand. Watch it go out, around the symbol and come back to you. If it has been sent out in balance and in love, it will be returned that way. If not, well, you may find that what comes back to you is a bit wobbly at best.


Finding and Maintaining the Balance in 2015

So, what can we do to find a loving balance and maintain it this year? Take opportunities to regularly check in with yourself. Are you feeling balanced? If not, what could you do on any or all of the four bodies to create more balance in your life? Meditate? Really tune into your guidance? Take a walk? Talk to a friend? Turn off the TV and read a book? Finding that centering space will allow us to create an awareness of the love within us and surrounding us: “As above, so below; as within, so surrounds.”

When 2016 finally arrives, being centered in the middle of the eight will launch us in balance into the 9 year of completions and new beginnings!


What's up in the "As above, so below" celestial energies in January?

    • Saturn has moved into Sagittarius: Have you felt the shift? Each of us will experience Saturn’s move into a new sign in unique ways, depending on where it occurs our individual blueprints. Find out how it impacts you personally in a Lemurian Astrology reading.
    • January 4/5: A beautiful portal energy prevails as the Cancer Full Moon is opposite the Sun and Pluto in Capricorn and square to Uranus in Aries, forming a T-square near the degrees of the Cardinal Grand Cross and the Pluto- Uranus square, creating opportunities to release old, worn-out patterns and structures as new ways of nurturing spontaneously come forth.
    • January 20: The Sun and New Moon will be at 0° Aquarius for the first super moon of the year. 
    • The Dance of Venus and Mars: One of the beautiful sights in the evening sky this month will be Venus and Mars approaching each other as well as their meetings with the Moon, with opportunities to balance the divine feminine and divine masculine within us. Watch carefully for the crescent moon, Venus and Mars just after the Aquarius New Moon, January 21 – 23.Mars-Venus-Moon_2015Jan21-23
    • January 21: Venus with the crescent Moon in the evening sky. Inanna at the 2nd Gate of Creativity in her ascension out of the underworld, representing reclaiming the power of the orange, 2nd chakra and her passion and creativity. Read more
    • January 31: We conclude the month with our next meditation for Mother Earth, three nights prior to the Full Moon on February 3. Thank you for your participation in the meditations and holding a focus of love, peace and balance for ourselves and for Mother Earth. We are making a difference on the Earth plane!  Read more:

Wishing you a month of joyful creating and celebration in love and balance!



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