An amazing array of energies await us in August, including Jupiter’s annual move into a new sign, Venus rising as morning star, beautiful celestial alignments, and let’s not forget our opportunity to tap into the energy of the 8-8-8 portal opening to and from our Earth plane as we move more deeply into the Great Shift in Consciousness. What does all this mean for you? Read on!

The Power of the Eight

In Lemurian numerology, the number 8 represents balance, infinity and channeling the energy flowing between the realms of spirit and the human world. In this 8th month of this “8” year, there is an opportunity for us to engage the energies of the spirit world to speak to us and through us. The energy of 8-8-8 opens a mastery portal for this exchange of energies between the worlds. Meditate into this mastery portal (8+8+8 = 24, 2+4 = 6 for mastery) and discover how you can draw this new dimensional awareness into your world. Here's how: We can see ourselves standing in balance in the center of the eight, focusing on the flow of energy between the shifting dimensions on our planet. In this way, we are literally weaving the incoming 4th dimensional reality of love and light into the 3rd dimensional fear to love or yin/yang thought processes, and collectively creating a new consciousness of love on Earth.


Planetary Movements in August: Saturn direct and five planets retrograde

SaturnDirect Aug 1 2015Have you noticed lately that you are more drawn to being introspective or relying on your intuitive sense? In the celestial energies this month, we have five planetary energies in retrograde motion (Venus, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron). What this means for you will depend on where this is happening on your kahaki’i (blueprint or natal chart), yet overall, it is an optimal time for shifting into the right brain for reflection, intuitive guidance and accessing creativity on many levels.

Besides our retrograde planets, one planet that is shifting its direction is Saturn, which will station direct on August 1 in the evening sky, retracing its steps through the late degrees of Scorpio. For those with planets in this area, this is an opportunity to look again at how you might restructure (Saturn) to create more passion for pleasure and enjoyment in your life (Scorpio).


Jupiter Moves into VirgoJupiter

It only happens every 12 years! Jupiter, also known as the year planet, moves into Virgo this month, the first time since 2003. Jupiter in Virgo until September 9, 2016 has to do with an expansion of our awareness and connection to the sacred beauty of our Earth, and the divine order of life. It expands of our awareness of Mother Earth—Gaia—and the sacred beauty of her cycles and weaves of life—plant, animal, mineral and human weaves of consciousness.
Was Jupiter in Virgo when you were born? If so, then you’re heading into your Jupiter return within the next year or so—a time for expansion of vision, abundance, and greater insights into your truth as it relates to the house on your birth chart where Jupiter moving in this new cycle. Find out where




Venus in the Morning Sky, beginning a new cycle

My favorite planetary movement this month features Venus beginning her new cycle as she leaves the evening sky, spends time with the source light of the Sun and then rises in the pre-dawn eastern sky, known as the helical rise of Venus. This auspicious event, which only happens every 584 days, was highly celebrated by the ancients, and it signals the beginning of a new synodic cycle of Venus.


Venus in Leo: Radiant Love for Self and Others

The sign in which Venus begins her synodic cycle sets the overtone or the archetypal theme that is being integrated into the collective consciousness of humanity. This cycle’s overtone will be Leo, representing the Queen or a leading player on the stage of life with a journey of understanding compassionate, radiant self-love. Do you have planets, angles or nodes of the moon in Leo? If so, you will find a special interest in celebrating this Venus cycle.
As we follow this new cycle of Venus in Leo, we have an opportunity to explore new levels of accepting and loving ourselves for who we are and activating our inner strength and beauty. We can discover greater self-love, self-respect, self-confidence and see the divine light in self and others.


Celebrating your Personal Venus ReturnVenus Moon

Every 8 years, the planet Venus returns to the place she was in the sky when you were born, called a personal synodic Venus return. If your age is a multiple of eight at any point between August 21, 2015 and March 31, 2017, you will be in your personal synodic Venus return in this Venus cycle. This creates a powerful opportunity to take your Goddess Light—male or female—to the next level of Love.

Participating with the Cycle of Venus

A while ago, I began to consciously participate with the cycle of Venus for my personal synodic Venus return, and I had no idea how much it would transform my life and help me to move through some of my life’s greatest challenges. It helped me to create balance and activate evolutionary motion (e-motion) in my life. Working with the Venus cycle has been the one of the most transformative experiences I have ever had. You can discover more about celebrating the Venus cycle to empower your own Goddess Light in a personal Lemurian Goddess Reading.

Please enjoy the celestial energies of August as we stand in the center of the 8, living between two worlds and weaving a balance of love for our life on Earth.

In love and Lemurian blessings,


The Celestial Energies of August 2015

August 1: Saturn stations direct at 28 Scorpio 17’ at 7:53pm HST/ 1:53am EST (8/2) beginning Saturn’s journey back through the later degrees of Scorpio and into Sagittarius on September 17, 2015.

August 4: Venus with Jupiter and Regulus - With a low horizon you might be able to see Venus with Jupiter and Regulus in a very close formation in the evening sky (within a degree.)

August 8: 8-8-8 portal opening - Meditate into the portal of the 8-8-8 energy prevailing today.

PerseidRadiant Aug2015August 9: Venus leaves the evening sky and enters the Underworld to be with the source light of the Sun, completing her cycle in Capricorn and transforming into the Leo Goddess.

August 11: Jupiter enters Virgo for the first time since 2003: 00Virgo at 1:11am HST / 7:11am EST: What does expansive and benevolent Jupiter’s movement into Virgo mean for you? Discover more

August 12-13: The annual Perseid Meteor Shower (image at left from could be spectacular this year with a waning crescent moon. Best viewing times between midnight and dawn. More info 

August 14: New Moon at 21’ Leo 31’ at 4:53am HST/ 10:53am EDT. Time for a ceremony to dedicate your mastermind statements, visions and intention for radiant self-love for this new moon cycle in Leo!

August 22: Heliacal rise of Venus – Venus rises before the Sun as Morning Star at 18 Leo 49’. Venus will be 10 degrees from the Sun and will become more and more easily visible in the eastern sky before sunrise.

August 23: Sun enters Virgo at 12:37am HST/ 6:37am EDT. Bringing a radiant light to the Goddess Light of Mother Earth, our sacred calling and the sacred patterning of the weaves of life.VenusMars

August 26: Meditation for Mother Earth - Wherever you may be in the world, send your light to Diamond Head at 9pm to join us in holding Mother Earth in love. Find out more

August 29: Super Full Moon (Moon at Perigee or closest to the Earth) at 06 Pisces 06’ at 8:35am HST/ 2:35pm EDT, conjunct retrograde Neptune focuses the energy on compassionate healing of humanity and self in the oneness of all light.

August 31: Venus conjunct Mars in the morning sky at 14 Leo 54’, beginning a beautiful dance that continues through September 2015 and shining a light on the sacred union of the divine feminine and the divine masculine within us all.