Super New Moon Total Solar Eclipse offers a magical healing portal that you won’t want to miss!

On March 8/9, 2016 the first super new moon of 2016 will align with the sun to create a total solar eclipse visible in a pathway of light through south-east Asia, stretching all the way across the Pacific towards Hawaii. Etherically, eclipses create portals of accelerated energy, so wherever you may be in the world at the time of the eclipse, pause for a few moments in meditation to access and share the healing energy of the “supercharged” golden light particles coming through the portal. [Photo:]

Note to readers in Hawaii: A partial solar eclipse (70%) will be visible from late afternoon to sunset.
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The Universal Healing Energy of Pisces

This particular new moon total solar eclipse has powerful healing aspects as the Sun and the Moon unite at 18 Pisces 55’, activating the universal healing energy of archetypal Pisces that is limitless, boundless and sees the oneness of all things. The Pisces new moon also gives us the energy of a fresh start, helping us to release any old “stuck” patterns of behavior and to create new beginnings in the portal energy of the eclipse.


MotherEarth 300Healing Aspects of the Eclipse

Other healing aspects of this eclipse feature a conjunction of Chiron, the wounded healer, and the South node, representing our karma and experiences from past lives. This offers us an opportunity to integrate aspects of our shadow, karma or healing issues from the past. If we can be honest with ourselves and look at the deep healing that Chiron offers, there is a possibility of transforming old wounds from the past and releasing them into the portal opening in the eclipse, for ourselves and for Mother Earth.

Expansion of Vision and Purpose

With Jupiter (expansion of vision) and the North Node (our destiny and purpose) in Virgo opposite this eclipse, there is also a focus on activating and expanding our visions and intentions for what we are choosing to create in our lives. Virgo brings in the energy of balance and healing for Mother Earth and all of us upon her.

Holding a Clear Intention and Vision

It’s a wonderful time to hold a new vision of love for ourselves and our planet and to be very clear of what intentions we are holding in our hearts and minds. Be conscious of your thoughts! Within the accelerated energy of the eclipse, our thoughts will be amplified and the energy is focused to manifest more easily, so hold a positive intention for what you would like to create in your life and center yourself in love.


Where is this Happening for You Personally?SampleKahakii edit

The journey of discovery with the eclipse is also knowing what part of your natal chart or blueprint the eclipse will be activating. If you have planets, angles or nodes in your natal chart between 08° 55’ and 28° 55’of the signs of Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius or Gemini this eclipse will be especially important for you. In addition, for all of us, the eclipse will activate particular areas of our natal charts. So, for example, if the eclipse is activating your seventh house, you have an opportunity to look how it will open healing energies for your relationships.

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A Healing Meditation for Ourselves and for Mother Earth

Wherever you may be in the world, this celestial event is a perfect time for a meditation to participate with the activation point of the eclipse. While we may not be able to physically see the eclipse, it is a perfect opportunity to experience “supercharged” particles of golden light from the central sun coming through the portal during the eclipse. We have the opportunity to direct these particles to areas in our own four-body systems, to others or into Mother Earth for love and healing.

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Mahalo for reading! I’m looking forward to holding a vision of love and healing with you in the eclipse portal on March 8/9!

And also, please join us in a healing meditation for Mother Earth, this month on Sunday, March 20 at 9pm, wherever you may be in the world!

With Love and Lemurian Blessings,


 [Photo: Mahalo, Pattie Kuamoo]


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